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The launch of Amazon Telco Network Builder by AWS.


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The launch of Amazon Telco Network Builder by AWS.

Transformation in the Telecom Landscape

AWS Telco Network Builder signifies a transformative shift in the telecommunications sector, as communication service providers (CSPs) embark on the journey of establishing their telecommunication networks in the cloud. This paradigm shift comes at a time when CSPs are grappling with the complexities of network design, deployment, and operations, hindering their ability to innovate and respond to emerging industry demands. The challenge lies in the iterative nature of network use cases, spanning business support systems, mobile core, radio networks, and an array of other specialized functions, which require intricate planning and execution.

CSPs typically find themselves burdened with the task of securely connecting numerous specialized network functions (NFs) across diverse suppliers and geographical locations. This entails not only the initial setup but also the ongoing maintenance and individual updates of each NF, adding to the complexity and resource intensity of network management. Network architects with deep expertise in cloud architecture and management are essential for constructing and maintaining such intricate networks. Moreover, CSPs often grapple with the need to invest in various monitoring systems to oversee the health and performance of both their on-premises and cloud-based infrastructures.

The Solution: AWS Telco Network Builder

AWS Telco Network Builder offers a game-changing solution for CSPs seeking to simplify and expedite the creation, operation, and expansion of their telco networks within the Amazon cloud ecosystem. The process begins with CSPs populating a network architecture template within the service’s dashboard using industry-standard telecom language. This intuitive approach streamlines programming across various software providers and accommodates the network’s geographic footprint.

The transformation unfolds as AWS Telco Network Builder seamlessly connects NFs, allocates computational and storage resources, and translates the specified network topology into functional network services, culminating in the establishment of a fully operational telco network. Clients can then reuse these templates to replicate network designs in new locations, promoting scalability and agility.

AWS Telco Network Builder further simplifies the operational complexity by managing the lifecycle of NFs, ensuring their ongoing maintenance, and promptly adapting infrastructure in response to clients’ evolving network configurations and software updates. This streamlined orchestration is powered by AWS CloudWatch, providing clients with an in-depth view of NFs and AWS infrastructure to enable effective network monitoring and issue detection.

To facilitate continuity across current telco network operations and business processes, Amazon Telco Network Builder seamlessly interfaces with established third-party, end-to-end orchestrators utilized by CSPs. This integration allows for an efficient and unified approach to network management and operations.

Global Endorsement and Expansion

The impact of AWS Telco Network Builder is evident from the endorsement of industry leaders and CSPs worldwide. Amdocs, Infosys, Mavenir, and O2 Telefónica are among the prominent names that have embraced this innovative solution. They acknowledge the pivotal role it plays in enhancing agility, orchestration, and operational efficiency within their networks.

As AWS continues its mission to empower CSPs, AWS Telco Network Builder’s availability has expanded to multiple AWS Regions. Currently accessible in US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Europe (Frankfurt), and Europe (Paris), the solution is poised for further expansion to serve a global clientele. This move underscores AWS’s commitment to fostering innovation and simplifying network operations on a global scale.

A Vision for the Future

The introduction of AWS Telco Network Builder paints a promising picture for the telecom industry. It marks a pivotal step towards enabling CSPs to unleash their potential in deploying cutting-edge networks that meet the ever-evolving demands of the digital era. With the ability to rapidly adapt to new technologies, deliver innovative services, and streamline network management, CSPs are better positioned to offer seamless, advanced communication solutions to their customers.

In conclusion, AWS Telco Network Builder is more than a technological advancement; it is a catalyst for transformation in the telecom sector. By liberating CSPs from the complexities of network management, it allows them to redirect their focus toward innovation, growth, and the creation of unparalleled customer experiences. This innovative solution is not only a testament to Amazon’s commitment to customer-centric innovation but also a testament to the evolution of the telecommunications landscape.


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