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Unleashing the Power of Heike Schulz’s Market Knowledge for Business Success

Unleashing the Power of Heike Schulz’s Market Knowledge for Business Success

On November 1st, Meike Winzer took control of the EDEKA store at Gerberstrasse 22 and declared her independence. The previous owner, Heike Schulz, had overseen the full-range retailer for fifteen years. Meike Winzer states, “In the future, clients can depend on our amiable, attentive service and high caliber. Additionally, we would like to collaborate with EDEKA Minden-Hannover to advance the Doberlug-Kirchhain location. We also intend to continue refining the selection and better aligning it with customer needs. This will in the long run ensure Doberlug-Kirchhain has consistent local supplies. All employees at the site will be involved as well.

Meike Winzer’s career underwent a major shift when she gained control of the Doberlug-Kirchhain market. In 2015, she completed her integrated commercial specialist training program. Her eleven years of employment with the EDEKA regional company Minden-Hannover included six years in regional sales before she opened her first business in Doberlug-Kirchhain.

By doing this, it is continuing a long-standing tradition that dates back to EDEKA’s founding, when it was referred to as the “purchasing cooperative of German colonial goods dealers”. Nothing has changed, even after more than a century. EDEKA, one of the largest medium-sized companies in Germany, is still an independent retailer cooperative.

Assistance from family and the cooperative

I finally made the decision to work for myself in April 2023, claims Meike Winzer. Her family gave her a great deal of support. It makes the shift to working for yourself easier. The cooperative’s tenets also had a big impact on her decision. It is particularly helpful to draw on the experiences of other independent EDEKA merchants. “It gives me security, especially in the beginning, and offers optimal support,” the 29-year-old, who is convinced of the cooperative idea, says of the community’s support and connections.

Good quality, extensive selection, and efficient service

At Meike Winzer, our top priorities are making sure every client is happy and offering personalized, fresh service. Customers at the Doberlug-Kirchhain market have access to about 25,000 different items arranged over 1,100 square meters of space. These products include GUT and G&NSTIG items at discounted prices in addition to branded goods and regional, national, and international specialties. When customers have questions about the products and ingredients in the market or at the service counters serving cheese, sausage, and meat, employees are still available to help.

EDEKA supports you as you launch your company

With the expansion of her business, Meike Winzer receives a lot of support from her EDEKA cooperative. In addition to the actual goods business, financial services, business consulting, and training programs are included in this. Most EDEKA stores are run by independent retailers. The leading food retailer in Germany believes that this is its key advantage. Independent contractors’ commitment ensures the unique character of local marketplaces, which are driven by consumer and environmental needs and are local in nature. EDEKA develops self-sufficient, mid-sized food industry entrepreneurs in accordance with the cooperative funding mandate.

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