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SPAR Gran Canaria Sells Over 10,000kg of Local Apples


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SPAR Gran Canaria Sells Over 10,000kg of Local Apples

In a significant stride towards supporting local agriculture, SPAR Gran Canaria recently wrapped up its Valleseco Reineta apple marketing campaign, achieving a noteworthy sales milestone of more than 10,000kg of locally sourced apples. This collaborative venture, spanning two successful years, showcases SPAR’s commitment to fostering partnerships with six Valleseco farmers, ensuring not only fair pricing for consumers but also expedited payment timelines for the dedicated producers.

An integral aspect of this initiative is SPAR Gran Canaria’s comprehensive involvement, extending from facilitating the transportation of apples from Valleseco to its fruit and vegetable division in Mercalaspalmas to the meticulous distribution across 196 SPAR outlets, strategically placed throughout the island’s 21 municipalities.

The featured Reineta apple, distinguished by its green-speckled appearance and delightful sour-sweet succulence, has become a consumer favorite. Renowned for its versatility, the Reineta apple is savored fresh and is a preferred choice for culinary enthusiasts, especially in the creation of delectable apple pies.

The resounding success of the 2023 campaign is underscored by the surpassing of initial expectations, with sales reaching an impressive 10,800kg. This marked a significant 12% upswing in fruit sales compared to the preceding year, signaling the campaign’s efficacy in resonating with consumer preferences and market demands.

SPAR Gran Canaria remains unwavering in its commitment to championing local, sustainable produce. The ongoing partnership with over 200 island farmers and stockbreeders serves as additional evidence of this commitment. The triumph of the Valleseco Reineta apple campaign not only highlights the economic viability of supporting local agriculture but also serves as a testament to the positive environmental and community impact of such initiatives, promoting the vitality of regional farming practices.


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