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Sonja Räker Dominates NP Market in Groß-Buchholz


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Sonja Räker Dominates NP Market in Groß-Buchholz

Great news for residents of the Groß-Buchholz district! Sonja Räker, an EDEKA businesswoman, is set to take over the NP market located at Silberstrasse 12, starting on November 1st. She plans to revamp the local supplier, bringing a fresh perspective to the market. Since 2018, Sonja has been successfully managing Schäfer’s Café at Kleine Düwelstraße 3 in Hanover-Südstadt as an independent retailer. Together with her family, Sonja Räker is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to serve her customers and embark on the exciting venture of operating a supermarket.

The NP market on Silberstrasse has been a fixture in the neighborhood since 2011, and it’s high time for a revitalization. A market reconstruction is scheduled for the beginning of 2024, with comprehensive plans in place to modernize and enhance its appeal. Specifically, the current NP market will be transformed into a “Nah & Gut” market in the coming year. This strategic decision aligns with EDEKA Minden-Hannover’s commitment to strengthening small-format stores and securing long-term employment opportunities. Sonja Räker is already taking charge of the current market team, which consists of twelve dedicated employees.

In a bid to enrich the offerings, Sonja Räker places a significant emphasis on sourcing products from the region. The NP market, with around 13,000 items available across approximately 700 square meters of retail space, will soon feature an extended selection from local suppliers. Additionally, the self-service baking station will increasingly offer high-quality products from Schäfer’s, a subsidiary of EDEKA Minden-Hannover specializing in baked goods. Following the renovation, the market will introduce fresh sandwiches and coffee specialties for customers to enjoy daily. To enhance the shopping experience, self-scanning checkouts will be installed in the new year, streamlining the payment process and reducing waiting times.

The NP market at Silberstrasse 12 will be open from Monday to Saturday, offering ample time for relaxed and convenient shopping, running from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. This exciting transformation promises to bring a renewed shopping experience and a focus on local and high-quality products to the Groß-Buchholz community.

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