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Eggo® partners with National Black Growers Council to support Black agriculture

CHICAGO, February 13, 2024—Nearly a century ago, about 14% of farmers in the United States were Black. Today, the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that only 1.3% of America’s nearly 3.4 million farmers are Black*.

To address this inequality in farming, Eggo® has forged a partnership with the National Black Growers Council (NBGC), an organization led by farmers dedicated to enhancing the efficiency, productivity, and sustainability of Black row crop farmers. Eggo® is proud to stand with NBGC in advocating for the interests of Black farmers at local, state, and national levels.

Empowering Black farmers with technical know-how:

Through this collaboration, Eggo® is offering grants to support the growth of member farmers and advance NBGC’s goals. These initiatives include:

  • Small grants for technical support, such as aiding farmers in hosting educational Model Field Days to share the latest farming techniques.
  • Financial assistance for Black growers to attend Field Days or the NBGC Annual Meeting.
  • Involvement in the NBGC Advisory Board.
  • Sponsorship of the NBGC Annual Meeting.
  • Funding for a Model Field Day aimed at educating Eggo® and Kellanova employees about the significance of Black growers and how to best meet their needs as partners.

Joe Beauprez, Senior Director of Marketing for Frozen Foods at Kellanova, expresses the importance of this collaboration: “Eggo is teaming up with the National Black Growers Council because we understand that farming isn’t just a job—it’s a way of life and the foundation of our food. Just as Eggo is dedicated to making mornings easier for families, we are equally committed to supporting the well-being of those who contribute to the food chain, including farming communities.”

Eggo and NBGC: Pioneering together:

The partnership between National Black Growers Council (NBGC) and Eggo® marks a groundbreaking collaboration between the organization and a brand, already making a significant impact on its members. In December 2023, Eggo® covered the registration fees for 150 Black farmers and growers attending the NBGC Annual Meeting, resulting in a 50% increase in attendance compared to the previous year.

Elzadia Washington, program director at the National Black Growers Council, comments on the potential of this partnership: “We are thrilled by the potential impact of our collaboration with Eggo on our organization, our members, and the role of Black farmers in the broader industry. Our organization represents generations of Black farmers. We need committed partners like Eggo who not only support our current members but also listen and collaborate with us to ensure that the valuable legacy and contribution of Black farmers endure for generations to come.”

Advancing communities we serve:

At the 2023 National Black Growers Council (NBGC) Annual Meeting, Debra Quade, supplier diversity manager at Kellanova, participated in a panel discussion focusing on fostering collaboration between farmers and corporate buyers. Quade, an expert in diverse supply chains, highlighted the opportunities available to Black farms to engage with corporate supply chains.

Quade states, “Kellanova seeks to engage with diverse suppliers who reflect our consumers and the communities we serve. Simultaneously, we aim to ensure that our customers, employees, and suppliers benefit from these partnerships. When our brands, like Eggo, collaborate with groups like the NBGC, we bring forth a wealth of innovation and unique perspectives.”

The partnership between Eggo® and National Black Growers Council NBGC exemplifies how Kellanova and its renowned brands are bringing the Kellanova Better Days™ Promise to fruition. Kellanova is committed to advancing sustainable and equitable access to food, striving to create better days for 4 billion people by the end of 2030.

*Source: USDA 2017 Census of Agriculture – Black Producers report

About Kellanova: 

Kellanova (NYSE: K) is a leading global provider of snacks, international cereal and noodles, and North American frozen foods, with a heritage spanning over a century. Driven by distinctive brands such as Pringles®, Cheez-It®, Pop-Tarts®, Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats®, RXBAR®, Eggo®, MorningStar Farms®, Special K®, Coco Pops®, and more, Kellanova aims to become the world’s foremost snacks-led powerhouse, unleashing the full potential of its unique brands and passionate workforce.

Kellanova is guided by its mission to create better days and ensure everyone has a place at the table through its trusted food brands. The company is committed to advancing sustainable and equitable access to food by addressing hunger, sustainability, well-being, and equity, diversity, and inclusion, with the goal of creating Better Days for 4 billion people by 2030 (based on a 2015 baseline). Visit for further information.

About the National Black Growers Council:

The National Black Growers Council (NBGC) is a registered nonprofit organization operating under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Its primary objective is to improve the efficiency, productivity, and sustainability of Black row crop farmers. NBGC promotes working smarter and embracing technological advancements and programs to aid Black farmers in becoming more efficient. As multigenerational producers, National Black Growers Council (NBGC) advocates for the best interests of Black farmers at local, state, and national levels. The council represents the unique needs of Black farmers and collaborates with other farmers, corporations, and stakeholders, recognizing their collective contribution to the global food supply.

SOURCE: Kellanova

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