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Ball Aerospace Sends Satellite to Watch Methane into Space


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This week, Ball Aerospace achieved a successful delivery of the MethaneSAT satellite to Vandenberg Space Force Base in Santa Barbara County, California. The mission, developed in collaboration with MethaneSAT, LLC, a part of the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), aims to gather crucial data on global methane emissions.

Methane is a potent greenhouse gas, second only to carbon dioxide in driving climate warming, according to NASA. The MethaneSAT satellite, equipped with advanced spectrometers designed by Ball Aerospace, will identify and quantify methane emissions worldwide. Unlike current satellites that focus on either large-scale monitoring or precise tracking of point sources, MethaneSAT will fill the gap by providing regional-scale measurements with high-resolution sensors capable of pinpointing emissions down to single facilities.

Dr. Alberto Conti, vice president and general manager of Civil Space at Ball Aerospace, expressed optimism about the mission’s potential impact. He stated that MethaneSAT will shed light on methane production sources, providing irrefutable scientific data to inform policymakers and motivate global efforts to reduce emissions.

Ball Aerospace collaborated closely with scientists from EDF and MethaneSAT, LLC, to develop the primary scientific instrument for the mission. They also led spacecraft integration, environmental testing, and will provide launch support and commissioning services. EDF is working on a cloud-based platform to make MethaneSAT data accessible to the public for free, ensuring transparency in the mission’s operations and findings.

Dr. Steven Hamburg, MethaneSAT mission lead and EDF Chief Scientist, emphasized the mission’s purpose in protecting the Earth’s climate. He praised Ball Aerospace’s contributions, noting their talent and dedication in achieving the precision necessary for the mission’s success.

For additional photos and video of the shipping process, visit the Ball Aerospace blog.

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