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Fresh food and Australian farmers are celebrated as Woolworths Bricks return.


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Fresh food and Australian farmers are celebrated as Woolworths Bricks return.

Popular collectable Woolworths Bricks is making a comeback with a new product called Bricks Farm, which will celebrate Australian farmers and the fresh produce that they supply to Woolworths customers.

The collectible, which can be purchased beginning on Wednesday, February 8th, will bring to life the journey from the farm to the supermarket and inspire learning about where food originates from via play and creative expression.

Bricks Farm is an interactive exhibit that takes visitors on a journey from the farm to the grocery store, highlighting the people, activities, and machinery engaged along the way. Bricks Farm features components that are emblematic of an Australian farm.

A farm ecosystem is depicted in this collection, which features such elements as a farmer, a beekeeper, a fruit and vegetable buyer, many farm animals (including a kelpie that serves as the farm dog), The Odd Bunch fruit and vegetables, Macro goods, a chicken coop, a drone, and fruit trees.

Bricks Farm is produced with one hundred percent recycled plastic, which comes from a variety of sources, including safety goggles, refrigerators, and luggage handles.

Andrew Hicks, the Chief Marketing Officer for the Woolworths Group, stated that “As Today’s Fresh Food People, it is crucial that we share and celebrate the role that our Australian farmers play in supplying the fresh produce that our consumers love.”

“Woolworths Bricks Farm,” which is constructed out of plastic that has been recycled in its entirety, was created to demonstrate the complex ecosystem that exists on an Australian farm. We have high hopes that the second chapter of our Bricks collectible will once again motivate our clients to obtain a deeper understanding of the origins of the food they eat through the medium of interactive play.

Bricks Farm, just like the original Woolworths Bricks collection, has been certified by GECA, which means that the collectible has been independently evaluated to meet stringent criteria regarding its impact on the environment, human health, and society.

Fresh food and Australian farmers are celebrated as Woolworths Bricks return.

Woolworths is maintaining its cooperation with TerraCycle, which means that customers will be able to bring in duplicate or pre-loved pieces from Bricks and Bricks Farm to their neighbourhood shop to be recycled. This will allow Woolworths to better serve the needs of its customers.

Bricks Farm packs will be available for customers to pick up regardless of how they want to shop, whether it be through Pick Up, Direct to Boot, Metro60, online delivery, or in store pickup. Customers have the opportunity to receive a Woolworths Bricks Farm bundle to build their farm for every $30 that they spend.

There will be a total of forty Woolworths Bricks Farm packets available for customers to collect.


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