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With Samsung, DISH Wireless launches a virtual open RAN 5G network.


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With Samsung, DISH Wireless launches a virtual open RAN 5G network.


The first 24,000 5G radios from Samsung are shipped, and the DISH Wireless Open RAN cloud-based 5G network’s first Samsung-supported sites go online.


The beginning of Samsung’s involvement in the operator’s nationwide rollout was signalled by the debut of Samsung-supported sites for the DISH Wireless 5G network by Samsung Electronics and DISH Network Corporation (NYSE: DISH). With Samsung providing an initial shipment of 24,000 Open RAN-compliant radios1 and 5G virtualized RAN (vRAN) software solutions, the companies are speeding up the deployment of the DISH network across the United States, which is ready to offer DISH Wireless network users dependable and quick nationwide coverage.


According to Marc Rouanne, EVP and Chief Network Officer of DISH Wireless, “Samsung is a key participant in the DISH Wireless Open RAN ecosystem, developed in cooperation with additional Open RAN leaders like Dell, VMware, AWS and others.” “As we move towards reaching 70% of the U.S. population, Samsung’s 5G vRAN solutions and our shared innovation process enable DISH Wireless to continue the DISH 5G multi-vendor, open and interoperable cloud-native network buildout.”




The collaboration between DISH Wireless and Samsung has advanced since the announcement of their multi-year agreement in May 2022, going from field tests to effectively activating the first live Samsung sites within the DISH Wireless 5G network. The virtualized distributed unit (vDU), virtualized central unit (vCU), and Open RAN-compliant 5G radios from Samsung, which support the DISH spectrum bands, were all supplied for this rollout. For this implementation, Samsung also created brand-new dual-band and tri-band Open RAN-compliant radios.


Junehee Lee, Executive Vice President, Head of Global Sales & Marketing, Networks Business, Samsung Electronics, said, “DISH Wireless is an innovator in mobile technologies and we are thrilled to reach new heights of connectivity together, validating the immense potential that virtualization and openness can bring to the industry. This significant accomplishment accelerates the widespread implementation of Samsung’s vRAN in the United States, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with DISH Wireless to hasten the rollout of 5G and take the lead in providing next-generation connectivity throughout the nation.


In order to give their customers dependable, quick service and to pave the way for DISH Wireless to provide businesses with a wide variety of new services and improved capabilities, DISH Wireless and Samsung will continue to innovate within the DISH Open RAN architecture.



DISH Broadband details

With America’s First Smart NetworkTM, DISH Wireless, a division of DISH Network Corporation, is revolutionising communication throughout the globe. In 2020, the business acquired Boost Mobile, turning it into a national wireless carrier in the US. The nation’s first virtualized, O-RAN 5G broadband network is being built by DISH, which also owns the wireless names Boost Infinite, Boost Mobile, and Gen Mobile. Fortune 200 business DISH Network Company (NASDAQ: DISH).



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