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Paris Packaging Week: Mondi Sets New Standards for Sustainability in Luxury Packaging


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Heading over to Paris Packaging Week, Mondi is set to showcase its dedication to eco-friendly yet luxurious packaging solutions, featuring their standout lines PERGRAPHICA®, IQ BOARD, and IQ GRASS + PACKAGING. From January 17 to 18, you’ll find the Mondi team ready to chat about how their packaging can elevate the sustainability and luxury of any brand, all from their spot at stand U190.

Paris Packaging Week crate luxury packaging

Nestled in the heart of beauty and luxury, Paris Packaging Week is the perfect backdrop for exploring how sustainability is becoming a key player in the industry. Mondi will be there, flaunting its collection of elegant, sustainable design papers that promise to add a premium touch to luxury packaging.

Mondi isn’t just talking a big game; they’re committed to real change. Their MAP2030 initiative outlines a roadmap to hit some pretty lofty sustainability goals by 2030. Focusing on luxury packaging, Mondi’s papers come from their Neusiedler mill in Austria, where they’re all about using pulp from sustainably managed forests. Plus, their paper brands from Austria and Slovakia boast a Cradle to Cradle Certified® bronze level, ensuring they stick to the principles of the circular economy.

Step up to stand U190, and you’ll see why PERGRAPHICA® design papers are the talk of the town. Bernhard Cantzler, Mondi’s Marketing and Sales Director, points out how these papers let brands shine through touch, sight, and colour. PERGRAPHICA® makes for an unforgettable first impression, promising an experience that’s as luxurious as the products it wraps. Its wide range of colours and weights ensures your packaging will not only look great but also feel premium.

For those products that scream luxury, IQ BOARD is your go-to. It’s crafted for high-end cosmetics and premium hygiene products, optimized for all stages of packaging creation. Bernhard highlights how its natural feel accentuates any luxury item it encases. Choose from a variety of shades and weights to create packaging that stands out.

And then there’s IQ GRASS + PACKAGING, a real eye-catcher with up to 30% grass fibre. This unique blend not only looks good but feels good, offering a sustainable choice that doesn’t compromise on quality. Each sheet is one-of-a-kind, adding a personal touch to your packaging.

Mondi is also bringing papers fit for food contact to Paris, ensuring your products stay safe and sound while looking great. With PERGRAPHICA®’s three shades and the striking Infinite Black, along with IQ GRASS + PACKAGING and IQ BOARD Ivory, they’ve got you covered for all your food packaging needs.

But that’s not all. Visitors can dive into the mymondi.net marketplace right at the Mondi stand, exploring a wide range of options from PERGRAPHICA® and Color Copy. With orders shipping out within 48 hours across several European countries, Mondi is making it easier than ever to get your hands on their premium, sustainable packaging solutions.

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