To better support customers in the Americas, Maersk establishes two Global Service Centres in Mexico and Brazil 2023

April 14, 2023

To better support customers in the Americas, Maersk establishes two Global Service Centres in Mexico and Brazil.


throughout order to continue providing a consistent and enhanced customer experience, the new Global Service Centres throughout the Americas will offer localised knowledge.

Mexican capital city The opening of a new Global Service location (GSC) for the Americas Region, situated in Mexico City, Mexico, with a specialised satellite location in Santos, Brazil, has been announced by A.P. Moller-Maersk (Maersk).

To offer clients high-quality support and a distinctive experience, these new sites will combine talent availability across departments and disciplines in areas including customer experience, finance,

process management, technology, and data/analytics. The centres expect to expand to 1,300 roles by 2025, adding over 700 additional jobs in 2023.

The Maersk GSC facilitates decision-making and prioritisation while playing a crucial role in providing customer outcomes. As part of its plan to become a worldwide integrator in container logistics, Maersk saw exponential growth in Latin America in 2022.

With support for English, Spanish, and Portuguese languages, scalable talent availability, and process standardisation, the GSC, situated in the Americas, will deliver regional experience to serve clients’ rising demands.

The demands of our clients and our company have always come first, and these new centres enable us to pursue this goal. The GSC in the Americas will have a lot of great chances to change how Maersk teams collaborate and achieve success by working across boundaries.

Bhatia Mohit

The global service centres’ director
The Global Service Centres are crucial in implementing Maersk’s integrator strategy.

Maersk is working with its clients to manage, streamline, and decarbonize their supply chains on a global scale as part of a mission to integrate container logistics across all transport modes.

As a result, Maersk has expanded its offering of maritime services to include integrated logistics solutions, building a strong logistical infrastructure and offering full end-to-end services in accordance with unique customer requirements.

Due to the Maersk GSC’s vital role in providing strategic business growth over the past few years, its competences have increased.

About 30 million touchpoints per year with more than 59,000 clients are enabled by Maersk GSC teams through interactions with numerous stakeholders across A.P. Moller – Maersk.

Another method to guarantee that we communicate with our customers on their terms is by nearshoring some of our crucial customer procedures close to where they are.

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Maersk establishes, Maersk establishes

This is all part of our transformative path to become more and more client centric. Additionally, expanding our hubs in the dynamic cities of Brazil and Mexico, both of which have strong cultures of service excellence, will provide our American personnel exciting prospects.

The head of GSC Americas, Farheen Mahmud
The Maersk GSC has hubs in China (Chengdu, Chongqing), the Philippines (Manila), India (Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, and Pune), and Morocco (Tangier).

The Americas-based office will provide multilingual help and local knowledge, bringing Maersk closer to its clients in the area.

In addition to managing the commercial and financial processes strategically, Maersk GSC works closely with its in-house technology teams. Processes, customers, and people are its three main focuses.

The GSCs offer a complete cross-functional perspective on process design and execution. This is made possible by centralised setup, which promotes standardisation by guaranteeing a uniform global consumer and employee experience.

It also includes some of the top talent in engineering, digital innovation, finance, commercial, and operations, who have access to a wide range of processes and are in an atmosphere that is conducive to both the development of innovations and of the individual.

Over the past few years, Maersk GSC has seen a remarkable transition as a result of the journey made by highly engaged, agile, and self-managed teams.

Maersk GSC has developed a framework that provides a better client experience while also creating the ideal atmosphere for its staff to thrive thanks to the empowered and collaborative approach of designing outcomes.

Concerning A.P. Moller – Maersk

A.P. Moller – Maersk is an integrated logistics firm that works to link and streamline the supply chains of its clients. The corporation, a leader in global logistics, has operations in over 130 countries and more than 110,000 employees worldwide.

With the aid of new technologies, new ships, and eco-friendly fuels, Maersk hopes to achieve net zero emissions for the entirety of its operations by the year 2040.

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