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Exploring Rijk Zwaan’s Innovative Longma White Cabbage Variety


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Exploring Rijk Zwaan’s Innovative Longma White Cabbage Variety

At Rijk Zwaan, we prioritize innovation to meet our customers’ evolving needs. Longma RZ, our white cabbage variety, embodies this commitment.
Crafted specifically for thriving in cold climates and for open-field, over-winter storage, Longma RZ is reshaping cabbage cultivation in regions less familiar with winter crops.
Traditionally, coastal areas in Ireland and Scotland embraced overwintering cabbage, while it was rare in England due to perceived risks. Keith’s discovery in Lancashire changed this perspective.
Despite temperatures dropping to -8 degrees Celsius, Longma exhibited no frost damage in trials, unlike neighbouring varieties. Further testing confirmed its exceptional tolerance, credited to its unique internal structure.
This resilience is a game-changer, particularly amid escalating cold storage expenses. Longman provides an affordable overwinter storage solution, alleviating growers’ financial burdens.
Moreover, its tall, upright growth pattern simplifies mechanical harvesting, significantly reducing time and labour costs.
Longma RZ is revolutionizing cabbage farming dynamics. Its ability to withstand cold and easy harvests makes it a prized asset for forward-thinking farmers. It’s a shining testament to how innovation paves the path to success in agriculture.”

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