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Brits Ditch Resolutions, Stay Committed to Year-Round Veg Eating

Brits Ditch Resolutions, Stay Committed to Year-Round Veg Eating

Today marks two weeks since many of us made New Year’s resolutions, with more than half (54%) admitting they usually last two weeks or less. However, Brits are showing a commitment to healthy eating habits, particularly by embracing a love for vegetables year-round.

Research indicates that 46% of people in the UK are eating more vegetables than they did five years ago. Approximately 47% have consciously introduced more vegetables to their diets, with reasons ranging from a desire to be healthier (82%), saving money (22%), and reducing environmental impact (25%). Furthermore, 24% are incorporating more plant-based foods.

Tesco’s sales data highlights a growing appetite for versatile salad veggies, with avocado popularity increasing by 46% since 2021 and cucumber popularity by 41%. Other products, such as asparagus, baby corn, leeks, chickpeas, and lentils, have also seen significant increases in sales.

Changing attitudes toward meat consumption are evident, with 45% of people eating less meat than five years ago. A majority (62%) choose to go meatless on two or more days each week, reflecting a shift towards a more ‘flexitarian’ way of eating, even though 38% admit to being unfamiliar with the term.

Nearly three-quarters (73%) of respondents claim to consume more greens, while 68% include more root vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes in their diets. The traditional roast dinner has evolved, with 48% incorporating more vegetables and 60% serving three or more types of vegetables during their Sunday roast or equivalent family meal.

Tesco aims to make healthier diets accessible, emphasizing that small changes can lead to lasting improvements. The research indicates that 61% of UK respondents are more likely to stick to small dietary changes, such as a’meat-free day’ or adding extra fruit or vegetables to their plates, rather than making major adjustments like adopting a vegan lifestyle.

To support customers, Tesco has introduced ‘Better Basket’ zones in stores, highlighting affordable and healthier choices. The supermarket also enhances accessibility to fruit and vegetables by reducing prices through Clubcard Prices and Aldi Price Match. Neel Shah, a Tesco Development Chef, recommends easy and affordable ways to incorporate more vegetables and pulses into meals, emphasizing that minor adjustments can make a significant impact.

Tesco colleague Lynn Youthed suggests adding vegetables to flavorful meals like pasta bakes or curries as a simple and cost-effective way to encourage family members to eat more vegetables and pulses.

In conclusion, Tesco’s commitment to providing affordable and healthier options, combined with Brits’ growing inclination towards vegetable-centric and flexitarian diets, highlights a positive shift in eating habits.

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