The Tatum 1, Jayson Tatum’s first signature shoe, is unveiled by Jordan Brand.

February 20, 2023

The Tatum 1, Jayson Tatum’s first signature shoe, is unveiled by Jordan Brand.


Things to Know


  • The lightest performance shoe in Jordan Brand’s performance range this year is the Tatum 1, Jayson Tatum’s first signature sneaker. It’s intended to help the players of the upcoming generation step up their play.
  • The shoe has a lightweight, reinforced TPU structure that makes it easy to remove extra material. The forefoot’s uncaged Zoom Air unit aids in energy return without compromising court feel.
  • For simple on/off access, the Tatum 1 kids’ design has a foldable heel system.


The Tatum 1 is Jayson Tatum’s first signature shoe with Jordan Brand. The Tatum 1 is the season’s lightest shoe in Jordan Brand’s performance line, and it was created for the next generation of athletes.


Tatum wanted to wear a shoe that felt more affixed to his foot, thus he created the Tatum 1. The shoe has a ground-contact foam upper that also serves as an integrated traction pattern. Because Tatum plays mostly with his forefoot, there is little rubber on the toe and ball of the foot. Because to this feature, designers were able to reduce the shoe’s weight while maintaining a tight court feel. The forefoot has a sizable, cage-free Zoom Air bag that helps give maximum energy return without compromising court feel. The collar is cushioned for ankle support, and the mesh knit upper is sturdy yet light.


Tatum says, “I want people to feel like they can relate to me. I recall going into the shop as a child and searching for the athletes’ signature sneakers. I felt in rhythm and somehow more connected to them the instant I saw the shoe or put the shoe on. I therefore want this sneaker to serve as a link between my supporters and me, bringing the two of us closer together.


The Tatum 1 stands out for paying special attention to the design for children. Tatum wanted a shoe that young children could easily slip on and off of. Tatum collaborated with the Jordan Brand design team to help shape a kid-friendly version of his iconic sneaker that featured an exclusive, injected TPU tailgate mechanism for simple access.


A unique tooling was used in the design, which contains zonal rubber on the outsole with deeper grooves for endurance. For the sake of children, the tooling also eliminates the forefoot Zoom Air bag.


The shoe launches concurrently with an apparel line that draws inspiration from the Tatum 1’s Barbershop and Zoo hues. For men, women, and children, there are a few hoodies and t-shirts.


On April 7, The Tatum 1 will be available in full family size.