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The “360 Virtual Mixing Environment” service from Sony is now available for immersive sound production.


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Spatial sound technology that uses headphones to reproduce the sound field environment of the studio

360 Virtual Mixing Environment

The 360 Virtual Mixing Environment (also known as “360VME”) is a spatial sound technology that employs the use of headphones in order to duplicate the sound field environment of a reference studio with a high level of accuracy. Sony Corporation (also known as “Sony”) has announced the debut of its measuring service and dedicated software for the “360VME.”

The monitor environments of production studios are evolving to become multi-channel to accommodate the growing prevalence of spatial sound content in media such as music, movies, and video games. The production of spatial sound material has traditionally been done in studios that are outfitted with multi-speaker settings. However, the number of studios that are suitable for this type of production is limited.

It is possible for producers to produce material with spatial sound from nearly any location with the assistance of 360VME, which reproduces the sound field of a multi-channel studio through the use of headphones.
Creators have the ability to precisely test their hearing characteristics in the studio with the help of the measurement service and generate individualized data for their 360VME profiles.

The sound field environment of the studio is virtually reproduced by the headphones through the utilization of profile data and specialized software. Because of this, users are able to make studio-quality spatial sound content such as “360 Reality Audio” nearly anywhere they choose to do so. Sony has partnered with three of the most prominent studios in both the United States and Japan:

Beginning in June 2, each of these studios will begin supplying measurement services as well as dedicated software.

In addition, Sony’s MDR-MV1, an open-back3 monitor headphone that is scheduled for a new release, will maximize the performance of the 360VME. When makers use both of these products together, they will be able to mimic the sound field environment of the studio with even greater precision.

1: An immersive music experience is provided by 360 Reality Audio through the use of Sony’s object-based spatial sound technology. This technology creates the sensation of being present at a live concert or in the studio with the artist while they are recording.
2: For specific start dates, please get in touch with the relevant studio.

3: A structure that does not impede the passage of sound into or out of the house

1. The calibration and measurement services at three different studios located in the United States, Japan, and

The Hit Factory (New York), Gold Diggers Sound (Los Angeles), and MIL Studio are the three studios in the United States and Japan that will be offering a measurement service for the purpose of developing personalized 360VME profile data.

This service is expected to become accessible in June. (Tokyo). Sony is going to keep working towards the goal of providing measuring services to a variety of studios.

Remarks from recording studios that provide measuring services
MIL Studio

According to Tatsuya Maeda, President and Chief Executive Officer of Media Integration, Inc., “With 360VME, creators can freely paint a 3D canvas, even with headphones.” One of the goals of music production is to develop the ability to represent music in the form of a spatial scene at each level of the production process, including composition, arrangement, mixing, etc.

The cutting-edge facility known as MIL Studio is able to deliver an omnidirectional sound environment to its clients. We have high hopes that the sound field of MIL Studio, which will be duplicated by 360VME, will introduce creators to a whole new universe of musical possibilities.

4: 360VME is capable of reproducing a sound field with 16 channels.
The Hit Factory as it were

According to Troy Germano, Owner and President of The Hit Factory, “The Hit Factory has been supporting the 360 Reality Audio production environment since 2019, as well as installing many of Sony’s industry-leading digital audio equipment over the last 40 years.”

“The Hit Factory has also been installing many of Sony’s products over the years.” “The possibilities for the creation of immersive music, such as 360 Reality Audio, are endless thanks to 360VME’s open architecture.” We are working hand in hand with Sony to spread the word about this incredible new mixing technology.

Gold Diggers Sound
Studio 6 at Gold Diggers Sound has been outfitted as an immersive audio environment with 360 Reality Audio technology since 2019, according to Simon Horrocks, the manager of the Gold Diggers Sound studios. We have worked directly with Sony to provide spatial sound to the music industry and have mixed hundreds of albums using the 360 Reality Audio format. Because of 360VME, more creators will be able to take advantage of our many years of knowledge.

2. The availability of specialised software
In the month of June, specialized software designed to produce spatial sound content for headphones utilizing 360VME profile data is anticipated to become available.

When used in conjunction with the Digital Audio Workstation software and “360 WalkMix Creator6,” this program allows users to realistically recreate the sound field environment of a recording studio while listening to their mixes through headphones.

5: Made available by each studio once they have finished putting the measurement service into place at the studio.
6: Plug-in software developed by Audio Futures, Inc. that is compatible with the most popular digital audio workstations and makes it possible to create 360-degree audio content Please click here for further information.


3. The monitor headphones model “MDR-MV1,” which are capable of maximising the performance of the 360VME
In conjunction with the debut of the 360VME service, Sony will also introduce the open-back “MDR-MV1” monitor headphones specifically designed for content creators so that they may get the most out of the 360VME platform.

Because of its open-back design, the MDR-MV1 is ideally suited for producers who are interested in pursuing spatial expression and can properly recreate the sound field.
For more information on the “MDR-MV1,” please visit our product site.




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