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Start “Veganuary” with EDEKA as a #VEGINNER!


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Start “Veganuary” with EDEKA as a #VEGINNER!

EDEKA is promoting vegan nutrition as being delicious, colorful, and diverse at the start of the year on all channels. In 2023, EDEKA will continue to walk alongside its clients during the infamous Veganuary.
also known as Vegan January. All #VEGINNERs and full-blooded vegans receive vegan weekly plans, useful advice, and recipes. Additionally, the brand-new cookbook “Fully Vegan!” provides a wealth of fundamental information on vegan diets.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Veganuary, the most well-known vegan challenge in the world. In addition, EDEKA extends an invitation to its customers through the hashtag

#VEGINNER to experiment with the many forms of nutrition that are derived solely from plants and to gain new knowledge. Everyone who is interested will be accompanied by EDEKA through the month of January with a colorful mix of recipes, knowledge, advice, and entertainment presented in a variety of formats both online and offline.

The EDEKA group has, for a number of years now, been steadily broadening the range of vegan products that it stocks. The selection features a wide variety of branded products in addition to store-brand alternatives, such as “EDEKA My Veggie” and “EDEKA Bio

My Veggie.” Under the “vehappy” brand name, EDEKA and Netto Marken-Discount also sell a variety of milk and meat alternatives. These include drinks made from oats, almonds, and soy, as well as tofu and yogurt made solely from plants.

Join EDEKA in the month of January in becoming a #VEGINNER:

“Full Vegan” is the title of the cookbook published by EDEKA. The reader will find a wide range of ideas for day-to-day living thanks to the inclusion of over 100 recipes. Everything you could possibly want, from hearty stews to tasty eats, is right here.

In addition to that, it offers instruction on the fundamentals of vegan nutrition.
“With love” – VEGGIE special: “With love” The latest issue of the online food magazine “With Love,” which is free to read, features helpful hints and advice. In the book “Mit Liebe,” there is also a seven-day weekly plan filled with mouthwatering recipes for anyone who is interested in becoming a vegetarian.

The variety of vegan nutrition at edeka.de/veginner: In this section of our website, EDEKA offers all vegans a wide variety of vegan recipes, as well as helpful hints and information regarding vegan nutrition.

In our social media channels, we will be using the hashtag #Veginner. The topic of vegan and vegetarian diets will be front and center on EDEKA’s various social media channels throughout the month of January. From vegan myths and facts to step-by-step weekly meal plans, this guide has it all. In addition, there is a “Fully Vegan” competition in which participants can win cookbooks.

EDEKA is running an influencer campaign in which they are accompanying three influencers for one week as they experiment with a plant-based diet using the extensive vegan selection available at EDEKA. Because of EDEKA’s in-house brands, not only is plant-based nutrition light and flavorful, but it also comes at a reasonable price.

EDEKA has gone vegan on their YouTube channel: In the month of January, the EDEKA YouTube channel will be updated with four brand new vegan recipe videos. In addition, there are two brand new episodes of the vegan cooking competition known as “Vegan Impossible.”

The objective of the cooking competition is to create a mouthwatering vegan alternative to vegetarian or meat-based dishes that are considered to be culinary standards. On our cooking channel, Yumtamtam, you’ll also find vegan recipes that are updated on a regular basis throughout the year.

“EAT SO” and “cheers!” are what I say. When you can, kindly be vegan. Through listening to Achim Sam’s ISS SO nutrition podcast, listeners are able to delve even further into the subject of veganism from the perspective of their nutritional needs. Vegan wine? No problem. By cheers! On the podcast about wine with Lou, the wine expert explains how to determine if a wine was produced using vegan methods.

In addition, as part of the communication of offers in leaflets and in the EDEKA stores in January, items that are vegan will be offered at particularly attractive prices; this makes it even easier to begin following a vegan diet.

Start "Veganuary" with EDEKA as a #VEGINNER!

More information at: edeka.de/veginner




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