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SPAR Croatia is still making investments to grow its retail network


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SPAR Croatia is still making investments to grow its retail network.

The store spent more than €4 million on a cutting-edge INTERSPAR Hypermarket in Kukuljanovo in April 2023.

One hundred team members will have job prospects thanks to the new store. Additionally, SPAR Croatia reopened a SPAR Supermarket in Split, the second-largest city in the nation and a well-liked vacation spot.

Kukuljanovo’s new INTERSPAR hypermarket

By establishing a brand-new, cutting-edge hypermarket in Kukuljanovo, SPAR Croatia improves its standing in the northern Adriatic. With a retail sales space of more than 3,500 m2, the new INTERSPAR Hypermarket provides more than 25,000 food and non-food items. Modern self-service cash registers allow customers to swiftly and simply finish their purchases.

The shop also has a Tutto Bene coffee shop and restaurant. An area offering regional goods from small, local manufacturers and suppliers stands out as a distinctive feature, demonstrating SPAR Croatia’s ongoing support of native businesses.

The fresh food selection, which includes a wide variety of delicatessen items, locally grown fruits and vegetables, and fresh meat and fish at service counters, is another plus.

The finest female skier in Croatia, Mrkopljanka Leona Popovi, joined SPAR Executives and CEO of SPAR Croatia Helmut Fenzl for the opening. The business was officially launched by Mrkopljanka Leona Popovi with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

SPAR Supermarket in Split reopened

On April 4, 2023, following a refurbishment that lasted for the preceding three months, the SPAR Supermarket located on Spinieva Street in Split reopened for business. The renovated store, which can be found in the center of the bustling neighborhood of Firule, has been given a more upscale appearance and now provides customers with a comprehensive selection of both fresh food and consumer goods.

The newly renovated SPAR shop in Split features a butchery, which provides clients with the opportunity to purchase fresh and high-quality meat on a daily basis. At the fish counter, you may choose from a wide variety of freshly caught saltwater and freshwater fish, shellfish, and other types of seafood. Members of the SPAR team are available to offer consumers guidance and a fish cleaning service.

In addition, customers can take away freshly prepared, warm meals from the SPAR supermarket every day. These meals are available for purchase. The fresh food selection is supplemented by a vast array of freshly cut fruits and vegetables, as well as baked goods of the highest possible quality.

A wide variety of personal care products, cosmetics, and other non-food goods are included in the collection of non-food products. The shopping experience has been vastly improved as a result of the new store layout, which makes it possible to locate each product in a very short amount of time and with no effort.

Source: SPAR Croatia

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About SPAR Croatia

The first SPAR store opened in Croatia in 2005, following the license agreement between ASPIAG (Austrian SPAR International AG) and SPAR International in 2004. As a member of the ASPIAG group, SPAR Croatia can access a wide range of its own-brand products. Brand development has primarily taken place through SPAR Supermarkets and INTERSPAR Hypermarkets, both through the takeover of existing chains and the opening of new stores.

SPAR Croatia is a strong supporter of locally sourced products and cooperates with over 40 small-scale agricultural producers, selling products under ‘the Garden of Croatia’ brand. SPAR also runs a ‘Yes, It’s Local’ campaign to promote local goods.

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