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SPAR Brand opens outlets in Angola as part of its African expansion.


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SPAR Brand opens outlets in Angola as part of its African expansion.



In the past year, the SPAR Brand has opened nine SPAR Express convenience stores, entering the Angolan retail industry. A reputable local retail and distribution business, United Investimentos, was given the authorization to use the SPAR trademark in Angola. These convenience stores now offer an assortment that is specifically catered to the demands of their consumers by modifying worldwide best practises from the SPAR network to fit local market requirements.
Format SPAR Express
The SPAR Express store is a small store located in the arrivals area at Luanda International Airport, and it has been well received by passengers. The eight additional SPAR Express outlets, which opened at the beginning of this year in a variety of locales in collaboration with a regional distributor, Pumangol Group, have an average retail selling area of 100m2.
Local and new perspective
SPAR Angola has already earned a name for itself by bringing the best retail techniques from around the world to the market in Angola, where the majority of the current retail sector is informal. Market rivalry is fierce from well-known brands from the continent and Europe. SPAR Angola provides a wide selection of goods geared towards the convenience market, an in-store café, and freshly made bread and pastries from their bakery output.
Depending on the size of the shop, the amount of SPAR Own Brand products produced on the continent or elsewhere makes up up to 25% of the available selection. Shoppers’ lives are made easier by stores that are open late or always. 280 people work for SPAR Angola’s distribution and retail businesses. To provide all consumers with the greatest possible shopping experiences, training and skill levels are continuously improved.
The addition of SPAR Angola to the global SPAR family is a wonderful honour. Upon the opening of the SPAR Express store at Luanda’s airport, SPAR Angola CEO Rui Catalo said, “We challenge ourselves every day to make sure that our clients leave our stores with a smile.
Future expansion
In the upcoming years, the company wants to keep offering a world-class shopping experience to more customers throughout the nation under the SPAR Brand. Based on its strengths in distribution, food manufacturing, and industrial development, SPAR Angola will keep investing in brand development and providing great stores and shopping experiences for its customers.
the SPAR Angola website
About SPAR Angola
United Investimentos received the SPAR licence for Angola in the beginning of 2022 from SPAR Group Ltd, which controls the Angola rights from SPAR International. By collaborations with independent organisations, the brand will penetrate busy areas including airports, gas stations, and cities as part of a multi-format retail strategy.
The first location began operations in February 2022, and by the end of the same year, nine SPAR Express retail locations were up and running.

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