Planting the Foundations of a Better Future.

March 3, 2023

Planting the Foundations of a Better Future.


How climate change is being halted and towns are being strengthened by sustainable agricultural methods


The world is facing an unprecedented challenge: how to feed everyone without further destabilising a planet already suffering from climate change. With the rising global population expected to reach nearly 10 billion in the next 30 years, up from about 8 billion today, the world faces an unprecedented challenge.


Agriculture feeds the globe, but at a price to the environment: The World Resources Institute estimates that the sector is responsible for 11% of the world’s total greenhouse gas pollution. As they resolve to making long-lasting changes, it’s a dilemma that’s on the minds of policymakers, academics, and business leaders up and down the supply chain.


The Next Steps

Food producers like JBS USA, one of the biggest in the country, are working with partners in business and academics to change how we use the land and prioritise sustainable agriculture in order to meet those goals.


The first business in its industry, JBS USA, has made the commitment to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas pollution by 2040. Because the company’s farmer partners and livestock suppliers produce the majority of the greenhouse gases connected with the business, it is working with scientists to develop new methods of caring for animals and producing food that will lessen agriculture’s impact on the environment without reducing the income of farmers and suppliers. In addition, JBS USA is trying to create more sustainable communities across the United States through initiatives and investments that are intended to support towns and workers.


Tim Schellpeper, CEO of JBS USA and a fourth-generation farmer, states: “Agriculture relies on healthy people, healthy land and healthy food.” Longevity necessitates harmony between each of these factors because if one is out of whack, the whole system suffers. As a means of investing in our future, we must continue to fund all of these objectives.