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The WWF-Mondi Water Stewardship Partnership: Started 30 Years Ago


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The WWF-Mondi Water Stewardship Partnership: Started 30 Years Ago

The WWF-Mondi Water Stewardship Partnership began over 30 years ago in response to conflicts arising from plantation establishments impacting South Africa’s water resources.

At Mondi South Africa, we sought solutions through collaboration with WWF South Africa. Together, we engaged scientists, NGOs, and the government to alter South Africa’s wetland management approach. We became pioneers in rehabilitating wetlands, managing over 15,000 hectares on our landholdings. This partnership united stakeholders, including farmers, local government, and corporate land users, in preserving freshwater ecosystems.

Addressing water risks from climate change, we expanded our successful practices globally through the WWF-Mondi Water Stewardship Partnership in 2014. During severe droughts from 2014 to 2016, we reduced our mills’ water footprints by 19% and initiated a drought resilience strategy.

Our achievements with WWF South Africa include showcasing collaboration’s power across industries and communities, influencing water stewardship in national legislation and certifications, and sharing our journey to engage major South African corporations.

For Mondi South Africa’s CEO, this partnership embodies dedication, leadership, and collective impact for the greater good.

Vivien McMenamin, CEO of Mondi South Africa, emphasizes that enduring partnerships demand insightful leadership, scientific expertise, consistent corporate funding, and unwavering passion.


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