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People in Bewdley check out their new Sainsbury’s Local.


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People in Bewdley check out their new Sainsbury’s Local.


With the opening of a brand-new convenience shop in the town of Bewdley, Worcestershire, today, Sainsbury’s has officially established a presence there. Residents in the surrounding area braved the unpredictable weather in Great Britain to be among the first customers at their brand-new Sainsbury’s Local. They also joined their coworkers and the Mayor of Bewdley, Cllr Rod Stanczyszyn, to celebrate the opening of the store this morning.


Customers will be served and assisted at Sainsbury’s Bewdley Dog Lane Local, which is located in a convenient location close to the town centre and is open seven days a week from 7 am to 11 pm.


For the first time, residents of Bewdley and tourists to the town will have easy access to the great value and high-quality products sold by Sainsbury’s thanks to the inauguration of a brand new store that spans 4,000 square feet. Every day, the store will bake fresh bread and pastries, which will be a great addition to the wide selection of food-to-go, fruit and vegetables, ready meals, savoury snacks, and sweets that Sainsbury’s already offers. Customers will be able to get a hot beverage from a Costa Coffee machine while they are on the go, and the store will also sell a variety of general merchandise products and cut flowers that are appropriate for a variety of occasions.


The coworkers who will make up the new shop team will take an active part in the community of Bewdley. This will include developing connections with local food donation organisations through the store’s collaboration with Neighbourly, which will ensure that any excess food from the store will be donated to members of the community who are in the greatest need of it. Additionally, members of the new store staff will take part in charitable activities and initiatives run by Sainsbury’s on a national scale.


“It is always a pleasure to bring Sainsbury’s to a new town for the first time,” said Patrick Dunne, Sainsbury’s Property Director. “I hope our customers in Bewdley enjoy the greater convenience and choice our store will offer.” We took special care in the planning, design, and construction of the new Local so that it would blend in seamlessly with the surrounding community, and we couldn’t be happier with the end outcome.


Sainsbury’s Bewdley Dog Lane Local Store Manager Glyn Bailey said, “We’re delighted to be able to welcome our new customers from today, and we’re looking forward to playing our part in the local community.” The statement was made by the supermarket chain. I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone who has put in a lot of effort to assist us in getting ready to open our brand-new Sainsbury’s store, which will allow us to put our best foot forward for consumers in Bewdley from the very beginning.



Bewdley Opening 009
Bewdley Opening 009

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