JBS Australia Will Receive Behind-the-Meter Bioenergy Systems From Energy360

March 23, 2023

JBS Australia Will Receive Behind-the-Meter Bioenergy Systems From Energy360

For JBS Australia, the biggest protein and food processing business in the nation, Energy360 is constructing a bioenergy system that will capture wastewater treatment emissions and create a renewable gas system for their Beef City, QLD, and Scone, NSW, locations.

By 2040, JBS Australia has committed to having net-zero greenhouse gas emissions across all of its activities and in collaboration with its suppliers, customers, and producers. JBS Australia and Energy360 have collaborated on some initiatives to create a turnkey solution to help in the achievement of this important objective.

This entails collecting wastewater emissions on site and switching from natural gas to renewable gas as the source of process heat.

The facilities where JBS Australia processes red meat use renewable, locally occurring gas. (biogas). In order to capture the renewable gas produced and use it for process heat, Energy360 will place covers on the in-situ wastewater treatment lagoons and provide specially designed bioenergy systems.

This renewable gas will take the place of natural gas, resulting in substantial natural gas cost savings and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), helping JBS Australia reach its Net Zero objective.

The Bioenergy Systems will be delivered in the second half of 2023 following the recent Front End Engineering Design (FEED) at both locations completed by Energy360.

Both initiatives will reduce yearly carbon dioxide emissions by more than 60,000 tonnes while avoiding the use of more than $2 million in natural gas.

These projects will also create Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs), in addition to the renewable gas they produce.

The Bioenergy Systems will also aid in protecting the business against unpredictable natural gas price increases for the ensuing ten years and will meet market demands for reduced GHG emissions by producing more than 100TJ of green gas each year.

“This is the first of what we anticipate will be many EPC contracts, where Energy360 will be the Principal Contractor in the installation of a turnkey, “behind the metre” Biogas Delivery System,” says Samantha Lamond, Head of Energy360.

Sam Churchill, Group Manager for Sustainability at JBS Australia “JBS has some of the biggest and most cutting-edge production facilities in Australia, many of which are situated where livestock is easiest to reach. By capturing wastewater emissions and converting to renewable energy sources in our facilities, we are working towards achieving our net-zero objective through initiatives like these in the bioenergy sector.