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Increasing enterprises’ capacity to mitigate the effects of security breaches and cyberattacks, IBM and Cohesity Introduce New Data Security and Resiliency Collaboration.


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Increasing enterprises’ capacity to mitigate the effects of security breaches and cyberattacks, IBM and Cohesity Introduce New Data Security and Resiliency Collaboration


Mission-critical enterprise applications’ data resilience will be managed by a new IBM Disk Defender solution throughout the entire data lifecycle.

Today, IBM (NYSE: IBM) and Cohesity unveiled a new partnership to help organisations with their urgent need for increased data security and resilience in hybrid cloud environments. Cohesity’s data protection will be a key component of IBM’s new IBM Storage Defender solution, which the company will introduce and which combines the data protection, cyber resilience, and data management capabilities from both businesses. In order to safeguard organisations’ data layer from threats like ransomware, human error, and sabotage, IBM Storage Defender is being developed to make use of AI and event monitoring across multiple storage platforms through a single pane of glass. It will also include cyber vault and clean room features with automatic recovery functions to assist businesses in restoring business-critical data in hours or minutes as opposed to the previous days.


The most recent Cost of a Data Breach Report from IBM Security revealed more expensive and high-impact data breaches than ever before, with the global average cost of a data breach for studied organisations reaching a record high of $4.35 million and rising by almost 13% over the report’s last two years.


1 The report also showed that among the companies it surveyed, hybrid cloud environments were the most common infrastructure (45%). Businesses using a hybrid cloud model saw lower breach costs, averaging $3.8 million, than those using a purely public or private cloud model, which saw average breach costs of $5.02 million and $4.24 million, respectively.


The design of IBM Storage Defender allows users to quickly locate the most current, clean copy of their data. It is IBM’s first product that unifies main, secondary replication, and backup management across various IBM and outside-the-box solutions. In the event of an assault, utilising cutting-edge storage capabilities, such as IBM Storage FlashSystem Safeguarded Copy for logical air gap, can assist businesses in quickly recovering their most crucial mission-critical data. Cohesity, the first such ecosystem integration, offers top-notch virtual machine protection that is administered in a hybrid cloud. A multi-vendor approach optimised for data recovery is supported by the Cohesity on-premises cluster administered with a cloud-based control plane to enhance business continuity.


Included in IBM Storage Protector are:


Organizations can scale up to handle billions of objects per backup server with IBM Storage Protect (previously IBM Spectrum Protect), which offers complete data resilience for physical file servers, virtual environments, and a variety of applications (including SaaS-based workloads).
All-flash and hybrid storage platform for performance- and capacity-intensive applications, the IBM Storage FlashSystem is cyber-resilient.
IBM Storage Fusion offers Red Hat OpenShift modern and next-generation apps container-native storage and data orchestration.
Cohesity DataProtect: comprehensive multicloud security for both old-school and new-school data sources. Clients of Cohesity DataProtect can immediately recover at scale, across environments. Cohesity DataProtect places clients in a position to copy and keep data in numerous servers, whether on-site or off-site, or in various clouds. This makes sure that in the event of a cyber security breach or disaster, whether caused by a natural disaster or human error, there is always a current and accurate copy of the data accessible.
According to Phil Goodwin, Research Vice President at IDC, “Data protection solutions like IBM Storage Defender are intended to support the deployment diversity, virtualization, containerization, and self-service that are among the requirements of the modern data centre. In order to create a basis to lessen data fragmentation, increase availability, and boost business resilience for organisations’ hybrid cloud environments, IBM and Cohesity are working together.


Cohesity and IBM Storage Defender are integrated, giving IBM clients novel, secure-by-design scale-out architecture and simple SaaS-based cyber vaulting capabilities. Businesses will be able to benefit from their current IBM investments thanks to IBM Storage Defender, which will also greatly simplify operations and cut running costs.


Denis Kennelly, General Manager, IBM Storage, stated that protecting against ransomware and other types of malware needs a multi-layered approach to data resilience that includes early detection, automated protection, and quick recovery. “It takes a team to combat complex threats to data. We were impressed by the Cohesity platform and team’s unique focus on scalability, ease of use, and security when we took a broad view of the industry. I’m thrilled to offer IBM customers critical cyber resiliency capabilities by integrating our industry-leading software-defined technologies. Cyberattacks are on the increase, but when you are prepared, data can be protected and restored.”


Data from a client is a particularly useful resource that can give you a big competitive edge. However, the more data there is, the harder it is to handle. Data is more valuable than ever due to the quickly growing threat of ransomware and other online threats. The partnership between IBM and Cohesity offers a revolutionary, yet remarkably straightforward, approach to managing and protecting cyber-resilient data. This includes having everything under one roof, utilising a zero trust strategy designed to help identify, safeguard against, and quickly recover from ransomware attacks, and using AI-powered built-in decision-making to enable action.


“We have a great deal of regard for IBM’s name and standing in the industry. Customers will gain from the best of Cohesity and IBM combined thanks to Cohesity’s technological leadership position in data security and management and IBM’s impressive storage portfolio, forward-looking vision, global reach, and close client relationships “said Cohesity’s CEO and President, Sanjay Poonen. We are grateful and honoured to partner with IBM to support businesses in enhancing their cyber resilience in the face of increasingly sophisticated adversaries. We look forward to growing this partnership to the advantage of numerous clients around the globe.


Beginning with IBM Storage Protect and Cohesity DataProtect in the second quarter of 2023, IBM intends to roll out the new IBM Storage Defender solution. Both IBM and approved IBM Business Partners will market and support IBM Disk Defender.


Additional Details


Watch the Data Innovation Symposium to learn more about IBM Storage and hear from Sanjay Poonen, CEO and President of Cohesity, as well as Denis Kennelly, General Manager of IBM Storage.
Find out more about how IBM Storage is matching its products and strategy to customer requirements here.
In this film, Cohesity CEO and President Sanjay Poonen explains why customers and partners choose Cohesity.
Find out more about Cohesity Catalyst, a data management and security conference taking place in Las Vegas from May 22–24.
Statements about IBM’s intentions for the future are only goals and objectives and are subject to change or withdrawal without warning.


The Cohesity of

Cohesity is a pioneer in data management and protection. All across the data centre, edge, and cloud, we make it simple to secure, protect, control, and extract value from data. Our comprehensive suite of services—backup and recovery, data security, catastrophe recovery, file and object services, dev/test, and analytics—is consolidated onto a single multicloud data platform, reducing complexity and eradicating mass data fragmentation. Cohesity may be offered as a business, self-managed, or by a partner powered by Cohesity.


Regarding IBM

IBM is a top provider of consulting skills, worldwide hybrid clouds, and artificial intelligence. We assist clients in more than 175 countries in leveraging data insights to improve business operations, cut costs, and gain a competitive advantage. In order to implement their digital transformations quickly, effectively, and securely, more than 4,000 government and corporate entities in key infrastructure sectors, including financial services, telecommunications, and healthcare, depend on IBM’s hybrid cloud platform and Red Hat OpenShift. Our customers benefit from IBM’s ground-breaking innovations in semiconductors, AI, quantum computing, industry-specific cloud services, and consulting. All of this is supported by IBM’s illustrious dedication to reliability, accountability, responsibility, equality, and service. Check www.ibm.com to learn more.


1 IBM’s analysis and sponsorship of the Ponemon Institute’s Cost of a Data Breach Study 2022

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