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Huawei Introduces MAGICSwave, a Next-Generation Microwave, for Quicker 5G Distribution.


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Huawei Introduces MAGICSwave, a Next-Generation Microwave, for Quicker 5G Distribution


MAGICSwave, Huawei’s newest microwave, was introduced at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023 Barcelona. While maximising total cost of ownership (TCO) and facilitating the evolution of transport networks, MAGICSwave works with operators to create simplified target networks that are better oriented to long-term 5G evolution.

For typical microwave transmission scenarios like urban big capacity and suburban ultra-long-reach transmission, MAGICSwave was created. To assist carriers in developing highly efficient 5G transport networks, it integrates a number of cutting-edge technologies, including all-band new 2T, true wideband and ultra-long-reach transmission, and an extremely highly integrated unified platform.


The first 2T solution in the market to handle all bands is called all-band new 2T. It requires 50% to 75% less hardware deployment to handle ultra-large bandwidth.

genuine broadband The 800 MHz frequency is supported by next-generation common-band 2T2R 2CA (carrier aggregation). This makes it simple for operators to install scaled carrier aggregation (CA) systems based on their spectrum. A single piece of hardware is capable of supporting 5 Gbit/s of capacity and 4.5 dB of coverage increase when using CA. As a result, either the antenna installation area can be cut in half or the transmission range can be expanded by 30%, offering a strong foundation for capacity expansion that goes without a hitch.
Extremely extended range transmission The capability of a single next-generation E-band 2T hardware module is 25 Gbit/s, which is 150% more than the industry standard. It is supported by cutting-edge Supper MIMO technology and has a 50 Gbit/s air interface capability. It also has the only commercial high-power transmitter module in the industry that can handle a transmit power of 26 dBm. It improves the transmission distance of E-band by 50% when combined with operational brand-new 2D high-gain intelligent beam tracking (IBT) antennas, making E-band compatible with all environments. Operators will be able to substitute common bands with E-band and cut back on spectrum costs and antenna diameters, resulting in a 40% reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO).

Integration of ultra-high baseband speeds up the management of ever-more complicated networks. All microwave frequencies are supported by the next-generation baseband platform from Huawei. It is a 25GE indoor unit that fits into a 2U area and offers 24 RF directions. It cuts the space of baseband units in half with this degree of doubled integration. For operators looking for a long-term, smooth transition to 5G, cross-band capacity expansion is feasible with just one box providing baseband for all microwave bands.

According to Perry Yang, head of Huawei’s microwave product line: “The increased traffic demand that results from the accelerating 5G implementation forces operators to upgrade their transport networks. The MAGICSwave from Huawei offers a to-site capacity of 25 Gbit/s and an air interface capability of 50 Gbit/s. MAGICSwave will be in a stronger position to spur industry innovation and hasten the development of 5G thanks to cutting-edge technologies that enable true wideband and ultra-long reach.”


From February 27 to March 2 in Barcelona, Spain, is MWC Barcelona 2023. Huawei exhibits its goods and services in Fira Gran Via Hall 1 at booth 1H50. We discuss topics like 5G business success, 5.5G opportunities, green development, digital transformation, and our vision of using the GUIDE business blueprint to lay the groundwork for 5.5G and build on the success of 5G for even greater prosperity with global operators, industry insiders, and opinion leaders. Please visit https://carrier.huawei.com/en/events/mwc2023/ for more details.



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