September 15, 2022

With the change of attitude, ALDI presented a clear plan in June 2021 to support the transformation of German agriculture on the market side, making it a pioneer in food retail. Now the #change of attitude has been nominated for the German Sustainability Award.

The German Sustainability Award will be presented on December 2nd. The German Sustainability Award Foundation is presenting Germany’s largest award for ecological and social commitment together with the federal government for the 15th time this year. ALDI is nominated with the #change of attitude in the category “Company”.

“By 2030, we will convert our fresh meat range and our drinking milk to husbandry levels 3 and 4. This is a clear commitment to more animal welfare. The nomination for the German Sustainability Award is a great tribute to our project,” says Dr. Julia Adou, Director of Corporate Responsibility at ALDI SOUTH. “With the ALDI animal welfare promise, we are initiating major changes and creating a strong sales channel for animal welfare goods. Even if we are taking an entrepreneurial risk, we are convinced that we are doing the right thing,” says Marc Sagel, Director Sustainability & Stakeholder Relations at ALDI Nord.



By 2030, ALDI will convert its entire fresh meat 1 and drinking milk 2 range to the higher husbandry forms 3 (outdoor climate) and 4 (premium/organic). The inventor of the discount has defined a step-by-step plan with clear milestones for the implementation of our animal welfare promise. Already today, more than 25 percent of the drinking milk and 15 percent of the fresh meat comes from husbandry types 3 and 4. Details can be found at: and www. aldi- .

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1 Based on sales (average ALDI North & ALDI SOUTH) in Germany with fresh meat from the largest livestock groups beef, pork, chicken and turkey; excluding (international) specialties and frozen items.
2 Based on sales (average of ALDI North and ALDI SOUTH) in Germany with own-brand drinking milk; Brands are excluded.