Easter plans can start off stress-free with the help of Boots travel stores.

April 7, 2023

Easter plans can start off stress-free with the help of Boots travel stores.


With its Click & Collect service, available at stores in all major airports, train stations, and vacation destinations across the UK,

Boots is making travelling and holiday preparation a breeze this Easter.

Boots has affordable travel necessities for the whole family in travel stores, where sales are up 136% year over year*.

The Boots Click & Collect service can help you arrive without hassle, whether you’re flying abroad or taking the train for a staycation or day trip with the family.

Customers can order their holiday necessities on boots.com from home and pick up their purchases at their preferred location.

This service is available at 15 airport stores and 18 train station outlets throughout the UK.

Are you taking a flight? No hold baggage? No issue. Customers of Boots who just have hand luggage can say goodbye to concerns relating to the 100ml liquid rule.

By using the Boots airside Click & Collect service, you may speed through security and check-in while picking up your pre-ordered necessities from the nearby Boots store before boarding.

In 2022, a sizable 360,000 products were picked up and shipped abroad through the Boots Click & Collect airport service.

What could be simpler than ordering your preferred health and beauty items from boots.com at least five days before your flight, picking them up, and boarding the aircraft?

Taking the train? Customers can pick up necessities for the entire family at railway stations or the neighbourhood Boots shop in their vacation destination using the Click & Collect service, making it a fantastic choice for staycations and day trips as well. Instead of hauling bulky toiletries across the nation, get what you need before your trip and pick them up quickly and effortlessly at the destination of your choice.

“We understand that planning a vacation or a day out with the kids can be hectic, and we’re delighted to be able to help customers enjoy a stress-free start to their Easter plans,” said Floss Walton-Bateson, Managing Director of Travel Stores at Boots.

“With over 800 products per month included in Boots Price Advantage, customers can take advantage of tremendous savings. Our travel stores have an unrivalled selection of holiday essentials, from travel adaptors to baby supplies and sun cream. In addition, all of our travel retailers provide the popular Boots Meal Deal, which will be purchased by over 4 million people by 2022. Saving time, space, and tension is so easy with the Click & Collect service. It feels like a hidden hack that everyone should know about!”

The top five items that shoppers in travel retailers buy last-minute are:

Meal Specials travelling adapters Travel blankets disposable photography Sun-cream
Top items that shoppers from travel retailers order through Click & Collect include:

infant milk
COVID evaluates Calpol Baby Food, Suncream, and *based on sales at Boots Airport and Train Station stores in 2023 vs the equivalent period in 2022.