Despite years of avoiding treatment, Boots Hearingcare helped Loose Women star resolve hearing problems

July 26, 2022

Despite years of avoiding treatment, Boots Hearingcare helped Loose Women star resolve hearing problems

After labelling the thought of wearing a hearing aid ‘embarrassing’, Kaye Adams recently underwent a hearing test at Boots Hearingcare.

Kaye Adams has spoken about the importance of early intervention in hearing care after undergoing her own hearing test that she admits she put off for years.

Kaye visited the Boots Hearingcare store in Bromley where she underwent extensive testing by experienced audiologist Feraz Ashraf to understand the extent of the problem.

Speaking on Friday’s Loose Women, the Scottish TV presenter admitted that she has been struggling for the last five years with her hearing, to a point that it wasn’t just impacting her life at work but her personal life too.

Kaye said: “I had been putting it off for years. Recently, I’ve just had a two weeks’ holiday with my kids and they were taking the mickey out of me every single day. I couldn’t put it off any longer.

“If I’m being honest, when I think back, I have been aware that I have been struggling for the last five or so years. I made excuses the whole time but as time wore on, I realised that I was missing more and more.

Kaye last had her hearing tested in Glasgow in October 2021,but visited Boots Hearingcare store at The Glades, Bromley earlier this month, for a follow-up consultation. Audiologist Feraz was keen to put Kaye at ease as she admitted to feeling nervous about finally getting her ears looked at and was apprehensive about the results.

Following her tests, Feraz was able to conclude that Kaye was suffering with  mild sensory hearing loss in both ears, as well as  conductive hearing loss in her right ear – the latter of which resulted in her being referred to an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) consultant for further exploration. As a result of the diagnosis, it was recommended that Kaye wear hearing aids in both ears.

After previously admitting that the thought of wearing hearing aids was ‘embarrassing’, Kaye admits that her appointment with Feraz has changed her outlook.

“I wasn’t expecting that,” she said. “I went in there thinking that wearing a hearing aid would be some kind of failure but talking to Feraz completely changed my mind. It’s not about life closing down, it’s about life totally opening up.

“People leave it so long that they don’t remember what good hearing is. You have to take action at an early stage in order to retain a good level. If you’re struggling with your hearing, honestly, just go and get a consultancy. There are so many options.”

Feraz Ashraf said after the appointment: “From a consultation perspective, it was amazing to see Kaye taking such a proactive approach by coming in and getting her hearing tested. We encourage anyone over the age of 50 to get their hearing checked at least once every two years. It’s estimated that there are over 11 million people in the UK who have some form of hearing loss, which equates to one in six of the adult population.”

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