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Smurfit Kappa’s clever SupplySmart solution helps businesses


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Smurfit Kappa’s clever SupplySmart solution helps businesses

“Smurfit Kappa, a renowned name in packaging solutions, has unveiled a groundbreaking innovation known as SupplySmart. This revolutionary digital solution has been tailored to assist businesses in optimizing their packaging strategies for enhanced efficiency and reduced environmental impact throughout their supply chains.

In response to the mounting challenges of supply chain disruptions and increasing complexities, SupplySmart emerges as a robust tool. Drawing insights from a comprehensive analysis encompassing over 100,000 supply chains, it identifies prime opportunities for optimization across the entire spectrum of supply chain operations.

One of the standout features of SupplySmart is its innovative digital twin function, which empowers businesses to virtually test their revised packaging strategies. This allows them to foresee and mitigate potential risks well before implementing changes in the physical environment.

Henkel, a prominent player in the consumer goods industry, found tremendous success through their partnership with Smurfit Kappa in utilizing SupplySmart. Collaborating closely, they crafted a sustainable paper-based alternative to the traditional plastic packaging used for dishwasher tablets. Leveraging the capabilities of SupplySmart, they devised a compact and eco-friendly packaging solution, reducing the pack’s volume by a remarkable 66%.

This reduction not only streamlined logistics but also contributed significantly to lowering CO2 emissions during transportation—by as much as 44%. Moreover, the redesigned packaging boasts user-friendly attributes, convenient storage options, and the added advantage of being entirely recyclable.

Marcel Daube, the International Packaging Developer at Henkel’s Consumer Brands division, commended Smurfit Kappa’s SupplySmart for playing a pivotal role in achieving multiple business objectives. He emphasized that it wasn’t merely a redesign but a driver of sustainability and efficiency across their extensive supply chain. Daube underscored how this innovative packaging solution aligns perfectly with Henkel’s commitment to responsible business practices, aiding in waste reduction, minimizing environmental impact, and realizing sustainability goals.

Gérard van den Boogaard, the Supply Chain Innovation Director at Smurfit Kappa, highlighted the pressing challenges faced by businesses in managing their supply chains amidst increasing complexities and risks. He lauded SupplySmart’s advanced capabilities in offering businesses a risk-free environment to identify and implement efficiency improvements. Boogaard emphasized that sometimes even seemingly minor changes in packaging, such as altering orientation, can yield significant reductions in waste and emissions.

At the core of Smurfit Kappa’s mission is the creation of packaging that not only meets the demands of today but also aligns with a vision for a low-carbon, circular future. Their SupplySmart solution stands as a testament to their commitment to aiding businesses in navigating the challenges of a dynamic market landscape while driving sustainability initiatives.”

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