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Great Oscar Mayer introduces a fresh addition 2023


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Great Oscar Mayer introduces a fresh addition 2023

CHICAGO & PITTSBURGH–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Today, Oscar Mayer®, the renowned brand that has united countless meat enthusiasts, is delighted to introduce its inaugural on-the-go refrigerated breakfast offering: the all-new Oscar Mayer Scramblers. This breakthrough comes in response to the discovery that only 23 percent of individuals are presently enjoying a complete breakfast1 due to the scarcity of hearty options.It Scramblers are here to revolutionize the world of convenient breakfasts, featuring a base of two fresh eggs and presenting three delectable and satisfying choices, including Bacon & Velveeta, Ham & Colby Jack, and Wiener & Cheddar.

Kraft Heinz, a pioneer in the refrigerated breakfast category since 2018, continues to identify opportunities within this segment. The introduction of Scramblers marks a significant moment as it’s the first time two iconic Kraft Heinz brands, the beloved Oscar Mayer meats, and delicious Velveeta cheese, are combined into a single breakfast product. While it is a newcomer to this category, the brand aims to deliver the same trust and high-quality taste that consumers expect for their morning meal.

Kelsey Rice, Associate Director at Oscar Mayer, remarked, “Despite people’s desire for a tasty breakfast, busy weekday mornings often lead to quick but uninspiring choices, which go against the essence of what Oscar Mayer represents.” With consumers yearning for more fresh, convenient, and satisfying breakfast options, Scramblers aims to bring smiles with its seriously delicious meats, offering hearty ingredients and flavorful, meat-centric recipes in a distinctive Oscar Mayer fashion.

To celebrate the launch, it is rolling out its “Scramble Your Morning” campaign across various channels, including television, out-of-home advertising, and social media. Inspired by the innovative and flavor-forward nature of Scramblers, the campaign emphasizes how Oscar  can transform a scrambled morning into a delightful experience. The advertisements playfully disrupt consumers’ busy mornings by rearranging letters in creative copy to create enjoyable brain-teasing puzzles, injecting joy into their morning routines.

It Scramblers are readily available at leading retailers nationwide. To discover more about Oscar Mayer Scramblers, you can follow @OscarMayer on Instagram or visit www.OscarMayer.com.


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