Customers of Żabka are more and more willing to engage in the program “Good Package”

August 24, 2022

Customers of Żabka are more and more willing to engage in the program “Good Package”

Żabka, observing the growing interest in the program “Good Package” from month to month, decided to extend it to more stores in Poznań and Wrocław. As part of the action implemented since December 2021, with the guiding slogan “Simple solution for zero waste”, customers in the mobile app Żappka can order a set of two or three products with a short shelf life at half price.

Around 1 billion tons of food are wasted every year all over the world, and a statistic Pole throws away as much as 247 kg of food in a year! However, food waste is not just an economic problem. It also has a negative impact on the environment – through increased use of resources such as water and energy, and overproduction of waste. “Good Package” is a Żabka project aimed at reducing the amount of wasted food in stores and is an action supporting the implementation of its Responsibility Strategy, in which the chain committed itself, among other things, to combating food waste.

 In Żabka we implement many solutions aimed at preventing food waste. One of them is the “Good Package” tool. Customers are happy to use the opportunity to buy a surprise parcel for half the price, consisting of full-value products on their last day of shelf life. That is why we decided to extend the “Good Package” program to two cities – Poznań and Wrocław so that from August the service will be available to an even larger group of customers. We believe that together with our franchisees and customers we can significantly reduce the amount of food wasted. This is a good choice for the planet as we minimize the consumption of its resources, but also for the customers who can minimize their expenses – says Joanna Kasowska, Director of Quality and Standards of Food Management in Żabka Poland.

The benefits to customers

The „Good Package” project is aimed at people who, like Żabka, do not like it when food is wasted. Using the mobile app Żapka, customers can order a “Good Package”, a set of full-value products with a short shelf life for half the price. There are three types of parcels to choose from: for vegetarians, vegans, and people with no specific nutritional preferences. Among the products sold as part of the “Good Package” one can find lunch dishes, sandwiches, and other snacks. “Good Package” is a surprise parcel – before buying, the customer knows only the category of products that are in it. The ready parcel can be picked up by the customers in the store at the time they choose – its price will always be 50% of the value of the products, and it should be paid for in the store by any means of payment.

… and to franchisees

The implementation of the “Good Package” program also brings tangible benefits for franchisees, including lower financial losses and a reduction in the costs of disposing of fresh products after the expiry date. The “Good Package” project also attracts a group of new customers to the store.




Żabka against food waste

The Żabka’s answer to the problem of food waste is not only the “Good Package” tool but also the creation and development of a convenience ecosystem, which makes it easier for customers to use solutions supporting minimizing food loss. Nearly 90% of the items available in the chain’s stores are for immediate consumption, so they easily meet nutritional needs like hunger or thirst, without having to do forward buying. To prevent food waste in stores, Żabka implemented GS1 codes and QMS (Quick Meal Solutions). The chain is also working with social partners to increase the efficiency of distribution of food products to people in need of such support – in 2021 it provided almost 630 tons of food to non-profit organizations