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Cosmic Crisp®: A Heavenly Apple Making Waves in Europe

Cosmic Crisp ® is not just an apple!

It’s potentially game-changing in the world of apples.  It has become a serious player in the Apple industry.  This extraordinary fruit offers a heavenly taste with a crispy bite, and the flesh melts in your mouth. It’s not just an apple; it’s an experience that takes you to a new, elevated dimension, perfect for modern consumers. Associated with memorable moments, dreams, and new discoveries, Cosmic Crisp® has conquered the hearts of young and contemporary consumers.

The 2024 Harvest:

Cultivated by the South Tyrolean VOG and VIP Consortia, the Cosmic Crisp® harvest has tripled this year, reaching 14,000 metric tons of table apples. The plan is to continue this rapid rise, exceeding 40,000 metric tons in 2025. The goal is to make Cosmic Crisp® available in Europe year-round due to its popularity and long storage life.

Countries with high demand:

Europe’s top three markets for Cosmic Crisp® are currently Italy, Spain, and Germany, with Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, and Eastern Europe following.

Outlook for 2024:

Following the previous season’s success, Cosmic Crisp® returns to European markets on February 1, 2024, thanks to the production of the VOG and VIP Consortia. With its promise of heavenly taste, Cosmic Crisp® will be available until the end of summer, delighting consumers and retailers alike.

Unique Characteristics:

Cosmic Crisp® stands out with its perfect balance of sweetness and tartness, delicate, crispy, and extraordinarily juicy flesh, and a rich array of aromatic notes, including complex fruity, tropical, citrus, and herbal scents. Its unmistakable appearance, featuring various shades of red on a yellow background with white freckles resembling a starry sky, adds to its allure. Cosmic Crisp® also boasts excellent shelf life and storage capabilities.

Marketing Campaign 2024:

Aligned with its unique position, the 2024 campaign invites consumers to savour heavenly experiences. A noteworthy addition is the roadshow, bringing Cosmic Crisp® to various European cities and offering consumers a chance to discover the apple while enjoying picturesque sunsets. This experience goes beyond a classic tasting.

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