Convenience stores owned by Sainsbury’s have achieved a £3 billion revenue milestone.

March 10, 2023

Convenience stores owned by Sainsbury’s have achieved a £3 billion revenue milestone.


Sainsbury’s Locals saw 12% more shoppers than the previous year.

Today, Sainsbury’s reported that its convenience shops had made their first ever $3 billion in sales.

Sales in Sainsbury’s convenience division, which includes over 800 stores throughout the UK, increased by 10% year over year in the financial year to date (6% faster than the market), and are up 7% from pre-pandemic levels. According to data released this week, Sainsbury’s Locals have seen over 45 million more visits from customers than they did a year ago. This increase is attributed to more people returning to work and a desire for the freedom to buy whenever and however they please.

Around the UK, 171,000 Sainsbury’s employees work tirelessly to serve and assist clients. Customers are returning to physical stores, and today’s news demonstrates that they want the freedom to choose how and where to shop. As part of its plan to place food back at its core, the company is focused on providing great value food and easy shopping.

Sainsbury’s has established 12 convenience stores in the past year and plans to open over 20 more in the coming 12 months as demand from customers increases. These businesses choose their locations carefully to make sure they will best service their customers and are suited to the requirements of each community.

In urban areas, busy customers seeking “food-on-the-go” are catered to by more than 130 of Sainsbury’s convenience stores, which make up the bulk of the company’s estate. Additionally, there are nine Neighborhood Hubs, a novel structure that provides the best one-stop shopping “in neighborhood” and places community and product choice at the center. These Hubs are designed to accommodate the change in consumer behavior toward longer shopping trips that has been observed throughout the pandemic.

The ability to buy whenever and however one wants is extremely important to customers, especially in the post-pandemic world, according to Clo Moriarty, director of retail and digital at Sainsbury’s. Our company is growing in the convenience sector, so it is an enormous accomplishment and proof that we are meeting customer demands that our convenience stores have reached the $3 billion sales milestone today. I also want to recognize our coworkers because they are the backbone of our company and without them we couldn’t have reached this milestone.