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That’s fantastic news! 2024 Coca-Cola has set up a ‘Foodmark’ as part of their campaign’s second year.


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We are introducing “A Recipe for Magic,” a worldwide campaign celebrating the joyous blend of a tasty meal, cherished moments with loved ones, and a refreshing Coca-Cola. This initiative will offer a range of distinctive physical and digital encounters for fans across the globe in 2024. 


Coca-Cola “Foodmarks” are iconic “food landmarks” from various cultures that showcase the unique blend of magic and enchantment of Coca-Cola. These Foodmarks will make their debut in over 400 cities and neighbourhoods worldwide, and consumers can explore them through an interactive map in partnership with Time Out.

Each Foodmark experience is a celebration of the perfect moment, a delectable meal, and an ice-cold Coca-Cola. These experiences are carefully crafted to create a magical atmosphere where you can immerse yourself in the wonders of different cultures and cuisines.

From savouring traditional dishes to enjoying the company of friends and family, each Foodmark takes you on a unique journey that embodies the essence of magic. Coca-Cola has carefully chosen each foodmark to ensure that it offers an unforgettable experience that combines the perfect blend of food, culture, and magic.

So, whether you are exploring the streets of Tokyo or the alleys of Paris, you can indulge in the magic of Coca-Cola and discover the enchanting world of Foodmarks.


As part of the campaign, Coca-Cola will unveil five immersive, real-world experiences inspired by captivating cultural moments. The inaugural Foodmark experience will launch on February 16 in New York City’s Union Square, recreating the iconic 1957 scene where Marilyn Monroe paused from Hollywood’s glitz to enjoy a hot dog and Coca-Cola. Attendees will be transported back in time through immersive activations featuring shops, flash shows, and more, evoking the essence of American history and popular culture.

Elif Kaypak, Global Brand Marketing Lead at The Coca-Cola Company, stated, “Foodmarks possess the remarkable ability to transcend boundaries and narrate tales of shared experiences and cultural significance. They epitomize the universal language of mealtime.” She further expressed her celebration of pivotal cultural moments and human connections through Coca-Cola’s shared magic.

In addition to New York City, Coca-Cola will host immersive consumer experiences at iconic Foodmarks in Delhi, Bangkok, Rio de Janeiro, and Hong Kong. Fans can explore these foodmarks and many others at cocacolafoodmarks.timeout.com.

Coca-Cola has launched a new series called “Real Recipes” to honour the daily convergence of the core ingredients of “A Recipe for Magic” that bring people together in households around the world. This series features a collection of eight documentary-style short films that have been crafted in collaboration with the acclaimed filmmaker Vincent Haycock.


The “Real Recipes” series offers a unique and authentic glimpse into the lives of people as they use their creativity to prepare magic recipes. The films capture real moments of people as they prepare and share their favourite recipes, showcasing their unique cooking styles and methods. From traditional family recipes passed down through generations to new and innovative dishes, the films offer a diverse range of recipes that reflect the cultural diversity of people around the world.


The series is an invitation to viewers to be a part of the magic of cooking and to be inspired to create their own unique recipes. The films are a celebration of the magic that is created when people come together over a shared love of food and the joy and connection that it brings.

In the year 2023, an initiative called “A Recipe for Magic” was launched, with the objective of featuring creative content from cultural icons, celebrity chefs, and over 750 local food influencers. The personalities involved were given the opportunity to showcase their unique and innovative “recipes for magic,” which served as an inspiration for followers all around the globe. This initiative generated an impressive 20 billion social media impressions, highlighting the diverse culinary landscape and showcasing the creativity and individuality of each contributor. From traditional recipes to fusion cuisine, the project provided a platform for culinary artists to share their passion and talent with the world, inspiring others to do the same.

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