Choosing a Diverse Talent Pool.

March 31, 2023

Choosing a Diverse Talent Pool
actively seeking out best tech talent to change the world

The best individuals are required to develop and create a better society. But with industry rivals and tech firms vying for top talent these days, we must actively seek out the best minds.
At the recent AFROTECHTM conference in Austin, which brings together Black tech innovators and businesses like Deere that are serious about hiring diverse talent, Mehawesh Alkhalil, software delivery supervisor, Intelligent Solutions Group (ISG), spoke with students and young workers.

Attendees still view Deere as a pure hardware, or mechanical, business, so they were interested to learn what a tractor manufacturer was doing at a tech conference, according to Alkhalil. They were shocked, though, when I described all the technology in our machines, including autonomous tillage, exact satellite guidance features, and See & SprayTM. They really connected with our story, particularly the motivation behind what we do.

It really hit home for me to share our story, particularly the reason behind what we do. (young professionals).

Understanding a shift

Kabbod, Alkhalil’s twin sibling, is a software test supervisor for Deere as well. He is enthusiastic about attracting tech talent and promoting Deere’s excellent workplace atmosphere.

In order to create a pipeline of diverse talent, Kabbod participates in activities like AFROTECH as a prominent member of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). The NSBE staff will in the future communicate regular updates to these people all through the year. Updates include everything from a film on a software engineer’s typical day to a webinar on Deere’s See & SprayTM technology.

It takes time to find diverse tech expertise, according to Kabbod. “We might not immediately see the ROI at these conferences, but we need to put in the work afterwards – drip-feeding these potential recruits and demonstrating our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), technology, and innovation.”

In addition, Kabbod is a member of the team launching the Black Engineer Accelerator Program, a project that aims to boost the proportion of Black engineers working at higher levels.

initial perceptions

Darian “DJ” Jones and Chinaecherem “CeCe” Eze had a favourable first opinion of Deere’s attendance at AFROTECH.

DJ was excited to accept an analytics position at the Chicago office this past month because of the strong connection and “sense of belonging” he experienced with John Deere employees in Austin. CeCe started working for the business in December 2022.

Deere was the only business that offered her an experience she would never forget, she said, bringing its distinctive culture to life at the gathering. “At John Deere Financial, I work as a data analyst right now. Nothing makes me happier than being part of a vibrant, productive environment where you can learn and enjoy what you’re doing. I love my job, I love my team.

Deere is expected to help the world meet its quickly expanding demand for infrastructure, housing, and food. And the company understands that increasing diversity within its workforce can offer everyone the opportunity to advance.

We may come from various origins and have unique life experiences, but Eze said that what unites us is our love of technology. “That’s what binds us together and distinguishes us. I firmly believe that if we concentrate on our similarities rather than our differences, we will constantly advance the interests of our clients, our business, and our planet.