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Asda decreases gender pay disparity


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Today, Asda announced its gender pay numbers for 2022, which indicate a year-on-year drop in both its mean and median pay disparities. Additionally, the mean pay gap narrowed more than the median pay difference did.

Asda confirmed the following in a report that was filed to the website maintained by the government about gender pay:

The gap in compensation between male and female coworkers is 4.7% (2021: 6.1%) in the median.
The median gender wage gap among all male and female coworkers is 7.6% (expected increase in 2021: 8%).

There is no difference in median compensation between hourly paid retail store employees at Asda, who account for 84% of the company’s total workforce.

The gender pay figures for Asda continue to be much lower than the averages for the United Kingdom, which are measured by the Office for National Statistics and come in at 14.9% (median) and 14.6% (mean).

According to the supermarket, the reduction in the gender pay gap that occurred in 2017 was partially due to an increase in the number of female coworkers who held senior leadership roles in the company’s retail and logistics sectors.

According to Hayley Tatum, Chief People and Corporate Affairs Officer for Asda, “We are pleased that our gender pay gap has shrunk year on year as we welcomed more female employees into senior leadership roles across our business.”

“However, we are aware that additional work is required to further reduce the gender pay gap, and we are dedicated to providing our female coworkers with the assistance they require to advance their careers and move into more senior roles with Asda.”

The previous year, Asda participated in a number of initiatives to assist narrow the gender pay gap. One of these was the implementation of a specialised training programme that lasted for six months and was designed to improve the proportion of women working in senior positions across the company.

Nearly three hundred of our coworkers took part in the programme, and we are planning to run something quite similar again this year with the same emphasis on professional growth and skill enhancement.

Additionally, Asda maintains its commitment to the leadership training of future generations. During the course of the previous year, 96 female coworkers graduated from the apprenticeship programme offered by the supermarket.

As part of the programme, they were given the opportunity to gather experience in a variety of positions before choosing one in which to specialise. One hundred of our female coworkers will be participating in this year’s programme.

The grocery store chain is going to keep working together with its external memberships, such as LEAD, to help it achieve its goal of achieving greater gender parity in leadership positions across the company.

To read Asda’s 2022 gender pay report please click here.

Asda decreases gender pay disparity


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