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As the pace of store rollout continues, ALDI intensifies its search for sites.


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As the pace of store rollout continues, ALDI intensifies its search for sites.



In order to continue opening new stores quickly, Aldi has intensified its nationwide hunt for new locations.


This week, new market statistics showed that Aldi is still the supermarket with the quickest growth. In addition to increasing sales by over 26% year over year, Aldi drew 1.3 million more customers in the past three months, switching from every other supermarket in the process.


In order to open new and renovated stores across the UK, including in the Midlands, North West, North East, Yorkshire, and coastal towns, Aldi plans to spend more than £400 million in store development over the next year.


Aldi currently operates more than 990 locations, but it is dedicated to achieving its current goal of 1,200 locations throughout the UK to serve more customers.


This means that it is searching for 1.5-acre freehold sites in the town centre or on the outskirts that can house a 20,000-square-foot store with about 100 parking spots.


Priority locations are listed below. Ideally, each position would be close to a major road with excellent visibility and access.

For brokers who suggest a site, the supermarket gives a finder’s fee of 1.5% of the freehold price or 10% of the first year’s rent for leasehold sites.


“Demand for Aldi has never been greater, but there are still some towns and areas that either don’t have access to an Aldi or have space for additional stores,” said Giles Hurley, chief executive officer of Aldi UK.

We need to open more stores to meet that demand, and it is our goal to keep pushing forward with our ambitious growth plan to do so.

Key areas consist of:


Birmingham, Ala.

Warwick 2.

Wellingborough 3.

4. Glasgow’s Cathcart

Drylaw, Edinburgh, No. 5

Bonnyrigg 6.

Wilmslow 7.

8. Wigan

Penwortham 9.

10. Barry

Torbay 11.

Saltash 12.

Basildon 13.

Rayleigh 14.

St. Albans 15.

16. York

Harrogate, a 17.

Scarborough, p. 18

Sunderland 19.

Chesterfield 20

Ossett 21

Formby 22

23. Upton

Liverpool 24

16. Chesterton

Tunbridge Wells (26),

Worthing 27

28. Bath

Oxford 29

Dorchester 30



Anyone with a website that might meet Aldi’s needs should get in touch with info.nationalproperty@aldi.co.uk.


Editors’ notes:

A quarter of Britons are suffering as grocery price inflation rises above 17 for the first time, according to https://www.kantar.com/uki/inspiration/fmcg/2023-wp

Contact the Aldi Press Center at T: 0161 235 0300 or aldi@citypress.co.uk for more details.



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