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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Hershey Co: Among the World’s Top Ethical Firms!


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On March 5, 2024, from its headquarters in Hershey, Pennsylvania, The Hershey Company received the outstanding honour for its unwavering commitment to sound business practices For the second consecutive year, it has been honoured on the prestigious list of the world’s most ethical companies, curated by Ethisphere. Ethisphere is a leader in promoting ethical business standards that promote corporate integrity, build public trust, and drive success. In 2024, Hershey proudly stands among 136 organizations that have demonstrated exceptional ethics to earn this recognition, a group spanning 20 countries and 44 industries

Hershey Co

The Ethisphere name isn’t just a compliment; it is a testament to the efficiency and effectiveness of ethical companies. Historical data show that companies that are recognized as the world’s most ethical companies consistently outperform their competitors financially, providing evidence that ethical business is not only sound but also has economic returns Over the past five years, the 2024 honorees outperformed their peers in the Large-Cap Index by 13.6 percent. Revealing the benefits of principled business practices

2024 marks 18 years since Ethiopia celebrated the world’s most ethical companies by recognizing companies that were recognized for fostering an ethical culture These companies offer comprehensive programs that deliver positive outcomes for their employees, community, and stakeholders who have been involved, contributing to sustainable business development

Ethisphere’s rigorous evaluation process is the basis for recognizing the world’s most ethical companies. They are based on the Ethics Quotient®, a comprehensive framework of over 240 data points related to their ethical practices, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies, compliance programs, diversity, equity, and engagement efforts that are thoroughly analyzed An Expert Panel A careful analysis of these issues is conducted, and global industry leaders provide best practices.

Ethisphere shows leadership in defining and supporting ethical business practices that emphasize corporate behaviour and market trust. It provides valuable insights and values ​​into corporate ethics, recognizes outstanding achievements in this field, and develops a cohort of thought leaders through the Business Ethics Leadership Alliance (BELA).

To see the full list of 2024 honorees and learn more about their ethical efforts, visit the World’s Most Ethical Companies website.

Returning to The Hershey Company, its ethos of ethical entrepreneurship and social responsibility is deeply embedded in its DNA. As a leading snack food company, Hershey is known not only for beloved products but also for ethical business and philanthropic efforts. With a global workforce of approximately 19,700 individuals, Hershey is committed to providing high-quality and exciting products while driving a positive impact on society

Boasting a century of ethical work, Hershey’s commitment to sustainable ethics is the requirement of its founder, Milton S. Hershey’s long-standing commitment means he will support community and corporate responsibility. Hershey’s success benefits not only its employees and shareholders but also the broader community, particularly through education programs and philanthropic partnerships aimed at empowering children around the world.


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