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As the demand for hygiene products from charities rises, LIDL expands its “GOOD TO GIVE” Trustmark.


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As the demand for hygiene products from charities rises, LIDL expands its “GOOD TO GIVE” Trustmark.


Today, Lidl GB announced that it will add hygiene goods to its pioneering Good to Give campaign.


The store first introduced the programme in collaboration with Neighbourly last year in an effort to boost and diversify donations to British food banks. This new initiative comes in response to studies showing that demand for toiletries and food is rising, with 72% of local charities citing these needs as the most important to help communities through the cost of living issue.


Since launching the Good to Give trustmark seven months ago, Lidl has noticed an estimated 25% increase in in-store customer food donations for local charities, which equates to more than 250,000 extra meals donated between June and December 2022. Due to the crucial assistance from its consumers, Lidl donated over six million meals in 2022, including both surplus food and donations.


Beginning on March 16, consumers can identify the Good to Give branding on price tickets for 10 important sanitary and personal care products, such as tampons, toothpaste, and diapers. These can be left at the existing donation points past the checkouts in all Lidl GB stores, and charity volunteers who already pick up food contributions every week will pick them up.


Within its network, which is overseen by Neighbourly, Lidl is also giving local organisations aiming to combat hygiene poverty in their communities funds totaling £50,000. As demand for essential things like toothpaste, shower gel, and period products rises, the financing will enable these worthy organisations to keep providing them to those in need.


“With the cost of living issue continuing to put pressure on local communities, we want to go beyond our commitment to making healthy food available to everyone by looking at extra support we can offer,” said Mark Newbold, Senior CSR Manager at Lidl GB.


“Over 3.2 million adults in our country live in daily hygiene poverty, and our charity partners who work with individuals in need every day have told us that the issue is only getting worse. By offering grants and encouraging our clients to make donations once more in a different way, we expect to be able to supply additional neighbourhood organisations with these simple but essential goods.



Points of reference

*Neighbourly performed research in October 2022, receiving responses from 1,370 Local Good Causes in the UK and Ireland regarding the things they most urgently required:

  • 72% selected toiletries
  • 72% selected food of any type
  • 65% reported cleaning/laundry products
  • 50% reported sanitary items

**This amount was determined using data from a representative sample of Lidl GB’s consumer food donation points.



The Hygiene Bank highlighted the problems around people’s inability to afford necessities like soap and deodorant and how this is having a terrible impact on their everyday life in a study released in October 2022. 3.2 million adults in the UK suffer from hygiene poverty, and 12% of them report avoiding going to work and dealing with coworkers as a result.


A Good Gift


In order to help customers find food and drink products that can support persons who use food banks in having a more diverse, balanced diet, Lidl launched its Good to Give trustmark in June 2022. Through its nationwide food distribution network, Feed it Back, which was established in conjunction with Neighbourly in 2017, Lidl GB provides store food surplus at a local level in addition to the Good to Give customer donation stations in stores. Additionally, Lidl GB contributes surplus through its regional distribution hubs and corporate headquarters via a number of regional and international partners.


For x10 hygiene items, the “Good to Give” trustmark will be displayed starting on March 16 on product price tickets and in-store signage (including shelves and posters).


The entire list of Good To Give toiletries is as follows:

  • Cien Kids 2in1 Shampoo
  • Assorted Cien Herbal Shampoo
  • Assorted Cien Shower Gel
  • Cien Handwash
  • Cien Antibacterial Hand Gel
  • Assorted Classic Dentalux Toothbrush
  • Dentalux Toothpaste Sensitive/Total Care
  • Assorted Dentalux Mouthwash
  • Lupilu Junior Nappies Size 5
  • Tampax Compak

For more information, please contact: lidl@wearetheromans.com


Regarding Lidl GB

Since its establishment in Great Britain in 1994, Lidl GB has continued to expand and now operates over 950 shops, employs over 28,000 people, and has 13 distribution centres in England, Scotland, and Wales.

Lidl is one of the top companies in the food retail sector in Europe and is a member of the Schwarz retail group. The supermarket, which employs more than 360,000 people worldwide, now runs over 12,000 stores, more than 200 warehouses, and 31 nations.

In all of Great Britain, from Kirkwall to the Isle of Wight, the store takes pride in offering its patrons the best products at the best prices. The company places a high emphasis on its responsibilities for people, society, and the environment. Social responsibility and sustainability are at the centre of the company’s everyday activities. Two thirds of Lidl GB’s products come from British suppliers because the company is passionate about collaborating with British producers.

The Schwarz Group, a global retail organisation, had a revenue of €133.6 billion in the fiscal year 2021.

Lidl GB’s corporate website may be found at https://corporate.lidl.co.uk.



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