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Apple adds a new Today at Apple session to its coding education tools.


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Apple adds a new Today at Apple session to its coding education tools.

Throughout Computer Science Education Week, which begins on December 5, the free session will be offered at Apple Store locations globally.

Apple is launching a brand-new coding class at Apple Store locations across the world called Coding Lab for Kids: Code Your First App in honor of Computer Science Education Week.

The new experience is the newest addition to Apple’s library of tools to support students, families, and educators as they begin their journeys in the expanding field of computer science. It is designed to inspire participants ages 10 and up to explore app development in a fun, welcoming environment.

As a part of the Today at Apple program, which offers free, daily in-store sessions to help customers unleash their creativity and make the most of their gadgets, the new sessions start on December 5.
Anyone may sign up right now at apple.co/coding-sessions, including families and groups.

Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s senior vice president of Retail + People, said, “Around the world, our shops are hubs for community, where people of all ages are invited to discover the most cutting-edge goods, acquire new skills, and pursue their creative passions.”

“Our free Today at Apple seminars provide something for everyone, whether you’re attempting something new like coding or seeking suggestions for getting started with a device. Our talented staff members are always available to support you.”

For a Today at Apple class titled Coding Lab for Kids: Code Your First App, students are seated in a forum at an Apple Store.

People can sign up for Today at Apple sessions and attend them as a group using Group Booking, just like this group from the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington did at the Apple Carnegie Library in Washington, DC.

Apple’s Today in Coding

Aspiring programmers and their guardians will participate in an engaging exercise utilizing an iPad and Swift Playgrounds, Apple’s entertaining and user-friendly tool that guides students from their first line of code to their first app, during the lab.

Participants will leverage SwiftUI and a new, live app preview while working in the About Me playground to modify and liven up their app with amusing fonts, background colors, Memoji, and more.

Following its debut, the new lab will be included in Apple’s recurring Today at Apple programming, with sessions planned for kid- and family-friendly hours.

Customers can also register for the Today at Apple session Coding Skills: Getting Started with Swift Playgrounds, which introduces the Swift programming language and basic ideas through an interactive game and lets users experiment with coding fundamentals including commands, functions, and loops.

Anyone, regardless of skill level, can sign up for Today at Apple sessions in their neighborhood Apple Store by visiting apple.com/today, or they can plan a private lesson for their group, organization, or class at a time that suits them.

At Apple right now, all activities take place on Apple-provided devices,, and sessions are completely free.

During an in-store today at Apple class, a student utilizes a tablet.
A student is led through the Today at Apple class by an Apple Creative expert.

During an in-store today at Apple class, a student utilizes a tablet.
Apple Creative Pros will lead would-be programmers and their guardians through an interactive exercise utilizing an iPad and Swift Playgrounds during the lab.

resources for students and teachers are are available in-store Today, one of the numerous free options Apple offers to students of all ages is coding classes.

Apple published a companion guide for building apps in Swift Playgrounds for instructors interested in teaching their students about app development with Swift. The Celebrating You Educator Guide, which is accessible in the Apple Education Community,

includes a beginner project using the About Me playground in which students customize a sample app that honors a location or tradition that is significant to them. The manual can be utilized by campus coding clubs or in any subject taught in the classroom.

The iPad displays the Swift Playgrounds Celebrating You Educator Guide.

Through the companion book Celebrating You, teachers can teach their pupils about app creation with Swift.

The Everyone Can Code and Develop in Swift materials from Apple are available to students who are prepared to go deeper into Swift and Xcode on iPad and Mac.

Teacher resources aid instructors in developing the fundamentals of computer science that they can use in their classes at all levels, from elementary school to post-secondary education.

The SwiftUI About Me app is seen on an iPad.
The SwiftUI About Me app is seen on an iPad.
Swift Playgrounds on an iPad displays a number of playgrounds.
The SwiftUI About Me app is seen on an iPad.

From their first line of code through their first app, Swift Playgrounds guides students.
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the Next Generation’s Careers

Apple’s coding resources are made to impart fundamental knowledge while also preparing students for in-demand computer science employment.

Independent evaluations earlier this year demonstrated that the iOS app economy remained to be a driver of opportunity and economic progress, supporting more than 2.2 million jobs in the US in 2021.

Jobs in software development, project management, design, and other areas are included for app entrepreneurs and their teams.

Through the Apple Developer Academy, aspiring business owners, developers, and designers can also advance their professions and enterprises.

The academy was founded in Brazil in 2013 and now has operations in 17 cities worldwide, including Detroit, Naples, Italy, and Pohang, South Korea.

After graduating with a solid foundation in technology and key professional skills, thousands of students have gone on to work in the booming app economy or even launch their own companies.

Apple adds a new Today at Apple session to its coding education tools.



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