Allwords reduces salt content in bread products by 25 percent.

April 6, 2023

Allwords reduces salt content in bread products by 25 percent


Under the motto “100% taste, 25% salt” for over a month, three selected varieties of bread with liquid salt have been baked at the Allwörden bakery in Mölln and Groß Grönnau. This allows the salt content to be reduced by 25 percent compared to the previous recipe. The modified bread varieties are available at all stores at Allwörden, Only Here, Dallmeyers Backhus and Knaack in Northern Germany.
Thus, Allwörden is the largest merchant in northern Germany, which has widely used liquid salt in its bakeries and thus reduced the salt intake, as required by the WHO, in the first products already by 25 percent. The salt used here comes from the Posidonia plant and is extracted from the salt fields of Formentera, a UNESCO-protected natural reserve in Spain. Although it lives underwater, it is not an algae, but a real plant with roots, stems and leaves.

The salt used has the same taste as conventional sea salt, containing only eight percent sodium, as opposed to crystal salt, which contains 40% sodium. It is 100% naturally sustainable, CO2 neutral and certified ecogarantie. “We are delighted to contribute to a healthier diet by reducing salt. And that without changing the taste. Following the successful change of bread varieties, we plan to expand the recipe change to the bread and cake range next year,” says Stefan Giese, Managing Director at Allwörden.

For the following breads, the recipe was already adjusted at the beginning of the year: fine bread/mixed bread, Lauenburger and 100% rugged bread / ruggen pure / pure ruggen fine. By summer, the recipe adjustment will be extended to all bread varieties. By changing all bread varieties, 20 tons of crystal salt are saved per year.

The World Health Organization (WHO) believes that excessive salt consumption is the main cause of high blood pressure, which in turn is the leading cause of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, all WHO member states are urged to introduce salt reduction measures.