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Young workers receive one year of free travel.


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Young workers receive one year of free travel

A DH student at EDEKA Südwest receives a free vehicle for a year as a result of exceptional performance.

Julia Schüle, a dual student at EDEKA Südwest, has been given a year to use an Opel Adam provided by her employer as a reward for her excellent achievement. The key was given to her by Caroline Wilkens, head of EDEKA Südwest. Each year, ten cars are given to young talent with exceptional grades and dedication. In the fall of 2022, the company’s top trainees received the nine additional cars for a 12-month period.

“We are proud of our young, talented junior employees, who have once more demonstrated such a high level of dedication. During the handover, Caroline Wilkens said: “Our students will receive their grades at a later time, which is why Julia Schüle has only just been named the winner. We truly appreciate your dedication and would like to continue inspiring everyone else to offer their all. We want her to have a great experience driving and always be safe.

For the fifth time, EDEKA Südwest had requested written or video applications from its trainees and dual students in order to grant them free use of one of the trainee vehicles for a year. The present grade point average, internal commitment, and the evaluation of the specialist trainer team during the practical phases are all taken into consideration in addition to the application’s substance and creativity. The fifth-semester student of business administration at the Offenburg site, Julia Schüle, was successful in persuading the judges in each category. The 21-year-old student has earned the Opel Adam and can now use it for free until spring 2024 thanks to her high level of commitment to the business, an average grade of 1.8, and an especially inventive application video.

3,000 or so students

In the south-west, over 3,000 young people are presently finishing an apprenticeship or degree in more than 30 different occupations and fields of study. There is information on the group of companies’ training programmes accessible online at www.hier-bleib-ich.com.

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