The Registered Dietitian Program at Hannaford is celebrating 20 years of providing free nutrition education.

December 6, 2022

The Registered Dietitian Program at Hannaford is celebrating 20 years of providing free nutrition education.

Hannaford Supermarkets is commemorating a significant milestone for one of its signature offerings: the registered dietitian program, which has assisted customers in making healthy decisions for 20 years.

Since its inception in 2002, the Hannaford registered dietitian program has become a staple for in-store and online shoppers. The program, which provides free nutrition education from a team of registered dietitians at Hannaford, assists shoppers in identifying nutritious meal ideas and learning shopping strategies for eating healthy on a budget or for specific dietary needs, such as heart disease or diabetes.

Since its inception two decades ago, when it became one of the first programs of its kind offered by a large-scale supermarket retailer in the Northeast, the program has grown significantly. Beginning with four dietitians in a small number of stores, Hannaford customers now have access to free nutrition education from over 30 dietitians in over 50 stores throughout New England and New York.

“Making it easier for our communities to learn about the advantages of incorporating healthy, fresh foods into their lives has always been a top priority for Hannaford,” said Sue Till, manager of healthy living for Hannaford Supermarkets. “Our registered dietitian program is a vital resource for clients who wish to improve their health and wellness. We are ecstatic to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this program and look forward to enhancing the free nutrition resources we offer our customers in the coming years.”

More than 1,000 in-store classes, tours, and online seminars are led by registered dietitians at Hannaford each year. Topics include heart-healthy eating, shopping with the Guiding Stars nutrition navigation system, meal planning made easy, and nutrition for children. In addition, dietitians support 200 community events annually by providing nutrition education in schools, libraries, and hospitals. To date in 2022, the program has assisted more than two hundred thousand shoppers.

While the program’s size and scope have changed over the years, one element has remained constant: Registered Dietitian Marilyn Mills, who has served New Hampshire customers for the entire 20-year duration of the program.

The Registered Dietitian Program at Hannaford is celebrating 20 years of providing free nutrition education.

“Being a supermarket dietitian allows me to support my community,” said Mills, the first dietitian hired when Hannaford launched the program. “During the course of my day, shoppers will seek my advice to support a new need, such as a change in their health and diet, or a desire to learn more about a new spice or cooking technique. As my community evolves and grows, I feel as though I am giving back.

Hannaford Registered Dietitian Program Using Numbers
Dietitians registered with Hannaford are available in person at more than 50 stores in five states.
In 2022, Hannaford hosted over 550 free online nutrition classes.
Each year, Hannaford offers approximately 600 complimentary in-store classes and store tours.
Dietitians registered with Hannaford provide nutrition education at over 200 community events per year.

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