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Waitrose is promoting Easter activities and offers in-store

Waitrose is promoting Easter activities and offers in-store! Waitrose is set to ignite the Easter spirit with a social media campaign on Instagram, TikTok, and beyond, aiming to appeal to a much broader audience with its creativity.

promoting Easter activities

This dynamic application is ready to bounce the festive season, presenting smart savings on a wide range of connoisseur delights, which includes tempting discounts inclusive of British lamb outstanding welfare, a beneficent 1/3, and a tempting 25% off crucial elements for a whole roast.

Thanks to these interesting deals, Waitrose is ready to draw within the loads, ensuring that friends and a circle of relatives can indulge in fares and beverages, turning the four-day weekend right into a forgotten culinary revel in will by no means go away.

Nathan Ansell, esteemed patron director at Waitrose, expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming celebrations, emphasizing the agency’s dedication to turning in nothing but the excellent In conjunction with the purchase of Saatchi

At the heart of Waitrose’s Easter extravaganza is an emphasis on delivering excellent value without breaking the bank. Recognizing the importance of ethically sourced, high-welfare products, Waitrose is creating and ensuring a range of exciting promotions across checkout and online so that customers can laugh with high culinary delights while sharing in the huge savings.

From succulent cuts of lamb to roasted essentials, Waitrose is dedicated to creating a high-quality drive that is accessible to everyone, and, as a result, embodies the generous spirit of Easter

But the indulgence may not stop there for now. Waitrose has an exciting surprise in store for those looking to top their celebrations with a super libation. With an impossible 25% discount on all wine and champagne priced at £6 and over, customers can stock up on their favourite tipples, ensuring every toast delivers a good, rewarding drink.

Whether in-store or online, Waitrose beckons as the ultimate holiday destination for Easter meals, promising plenty of choice for any healthy palate.


Of course, no Easter birthday party might be complete without the beloved way of life of hot cross buns. To please its customers, Waitrose is presenting an unbeatable deal: packs for just £2.50, permitting customers to save a large £1.20. To further enhance the festive ambience,

Waitrose is hosting hot go bun tastings throughout two hundred of its stores, inviting clients to discover new flavour pairings while enjoying one-of-a-kind financial savings.

Beyond its charming promotions, Waitrose is also making waves in the advertising sphere with a compelling campaign crafted through Saatchi

Adding a bit of celebrity fare to the celebrations, brand and TV personality Sam Thompson is set to launch the Waitrose social media campaign with a playful teaser, promising to make it light enough to definitely resonate with different audiences.

In addition, Waitrose has recruited the expertise of farmer and producer Julius Roberts, whose values ​​align well with the retailer’s commitment to quality and sustainability Roberts will share his culinary expertise, inspiring customers to have a quality Easter party using the best British produce if the craft has to be done.

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