SPAR Slovenia maintains its long-standing relationship with the Slovenian Basketball Federation.

March 17, 2023

SPAR Slovenia maintains its long-standing relationship with the Slovenian Basketball Federation.

Although this year’s World Cup is highly anticipated by basketball fans, SPAR Slovenia continues to be a devoted supporter of the Basketball Federation of Slovenia. In light of the SPAR Cup final competition, which was held in Maribor on February 16 and 17, the new contract was signed.
In February, SPAR Slovenia extended its sponsorship agreement with the Basketball Federation of Slovenia (KZS), continuing its 23-year tradition of supporting Slovenian basketball stars.

a 22-year relationship
Basketball has incorporated into our company identity over the course of our 22-year partnership, according to SPAR Slovenia CEO David Kovai. Due to our positive working relationship with the Slovenian Basketball Association, the potential of Slovenian basketball, and, most importantly, the positive feelings that the Slovenian national team inspires in all of us, we chose to extend the sponsorship. We are happy that basketball in Slovenia will advance alongside us at all levels. While we are meeting, the traditional SPAR Cup is in progress. The national squad is a global superpower, and the World Cup is just around the corner. We think we can help basketball maintain its appeal, which will help create a happier and healthier community. I firmly believe that the national squad can rediscover its potential with the help of the support of the crowd. However, the participants can rely on SPAR to support them no matter the outcome.

Matej Erjavec, the president of the Slovenian Basketball Association, said: “We get together with the SPAR executive team at the start of February every year. We will collaborate for the 23rd consecutive year this year, and I’m thrilled that SPAR has raised its investment in Slovenian basketball. David Kovai, CEO of SPAR Slovenia, is sincerely appreciated for his assistance. The Men’s World Cup and the Women’s EuroBasket are two stars of this year’s diverse basketball schedule that we are looking forward to. We had the SPAR Cup final in Maribor following the performance of the women’s national squad.

The SPAR Cup Championship
The SPAR Cup final was hosted at Maribor’s Lukna Hall for the first time ever. Many skilled basketball players competed in the championship game, but it was Ljubljana’s Cedevita Olimpija who emerged victorious after defeating the Domale-based Helios Suns 81-70.

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