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Verizon Business Approves Zebra Devices for Private 5G in the US

Verizon Business, the business arm of the American network provider Verizon, has launched a series of durable smartphones and tablets tailored for its private LTE and 5G networks in industrial settings across the United States. These new gadgets, developed by the U.S.-based Zebra Technologies, are specifically crafted for workers in sectors such as transportation, logistics, retail, manufacturing, and healthcare. Some of these devices feature multi-SIM functionality, enabling seamless switching between private and public networks.

Verizon Business has officially certified two smartphones (TC58 and TC78) and two tablets (ET45 in both 8-inch and 10-inch versions) from Zebra. Additionally, it is making available Zebra’s Enterprise Browser, along with warehouse management systems (WMS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, as part of its endorsed selection of private cellular solutions. Zebra’s browser simplifies the loading and execution of customer applications.

Furthermore, these devices come equipped with Zebra’s enterprise software applications and tools, including Zebra Mobility DNA and connectivity to Zebra Workcloud software solutions. These offerings aim to assist customers in better inventory tracking, project management, communication on job sites, and maintaining smooth industrial workflows, as stated by Verizon Business. The company emphasizes the enhanced network capacity of Zebra’s devices, presumably due to privately owned infrastructure and airtime.

Verizon Business highlights the utility of private team communication for various enterprise environments, ranging from warehouses to manufacturing sites and industrial work zones. It particularly targets retail, warehouse, transportation, and logistics sectors, suggesting applications like inventory management, asset tracking, scheduling, task management, site management, equipment management, forecasting, and analysis.

Additionally, it mentions vertical-specific applications such as point-of-sale connectivity, forklift operations, and parcel dimensioning. The multi-SIM capability on select devices offers nearly seamless transitions between authenticated private networks and Verizon’s public network. Verizon Business is facilitating a trade-in option for customers with certain older Zebra devices.

Verizon Business Approves Zebra Devices for Private 5G in the US

Steve Szabo, Vice President of Business Products at Verizon Business, expressed the company’s commitment to simplifying the acquisition of devices and software needed to fully utilize private networks. Partnering with Zebra Technologies streamlines the process, giving businesses critical time savings during implementation.

Julie Johnson, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Enterprise Mobile Computing at Zebra Technologies, highlighted the collaboration’s significance, noting that private 5G marks a significant advancement in wireless connectivity. This collaboration aims to enhance visibility and operational benefits for enterprise customers, with Zebra integrating 5G across its entire portfolio to provide customers with more flexibility for their wireless and mobility needs. Read more

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