SPAR Austria increases market dominance and store sales surpass €9 billion.

March 28, 2023

SPAR Austria increases market dominance and store sales surpass €9 billion.

With a market share of 36.3% in 2022, SPAR Austria maintained its market dominance, and food store sales surpassed €9 billion, representing a 4.7% increase in sales. The SPAR Austria Group recorded combined sales increase of 7.3% to €18.63 billion, with operations in Austria and seven neighbouring nations in the three business sectors of food retail, sports retail, and shopping centres. The Group presently runs 3,026 stores with over 91,300 team members working in them, 1,506 of which are in Austria.
The SPAR Austria Group consists of the SES SPAR European Shopping Centers, Hervis, ASPIAG, and SPAR Austria. With 2,500 trainees, SPAR is the biggest private training business in the nation and continues to employ the most people (50,600 team members) in the private sector. Through its expansion, SPAR added roughly 1,400 new jobs in total in 2022.

strengthening business dominance
In Austria, Northern Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, and Croatia, the SPAR Austria Group runs 3,026 SPAR (or DESPAR in Italian), EUROSPAR, and INTERSPAR shops. Gross domestic product in all of these nations increased by 5.5% to reach €15.92 billion.

With a market share of 36.3% in Austria, SPAR maintained its position as the industry champion. In total, there are 1,506 SPAR locations operated by SPAR in Austria, including 1,067 SPAR Supermarkets, 50 SPAR Gourmet locations, 79 SPAR Express curbside locations, 232 EUROSPAR Supermarkets, 71 INTERSPAR Hypermarkets, and 7 Maximarkt locations. Independent retailers run 679 of the SPAR shops in total. Around 40 new shops and more than 70 existing ones were modernised by SPAR Austria in 2022.

The new INTERSPAR Hypermarket in Oberwart, Burgenland, debuted in May 2022, and work has already started on two additional INTERSPAR Hypermarkets in Leibnitz, Styria, and Gänserndorf, Burgenland.

expanding influence in Vienna
For more than 20 years, SPAR Austria has run SPAR Gourmet shops in Vienna that are situated in areas where there is a need for delicatessen-focused selections. SPAR Austria has created a flexible store idea to expand its existing network of 39 locations and better serve its customers. At Vienna’s Fleischmarkt in the first district, the first SPAR Gourmet shop to undergo a redesign opened its doors in October 2022.

Own Brands at SPAR
The collection of SPAR Austria is continually being developed, with a particular emphasis on fresh goods and SPAR Own Brands. Over 7,500 own-brand products, including both food and non-food items, have been created by SPAR. More than 40% of the company’s food retail revenue come from SPAR Own Brands. The creation of SPAR Own Brands also takes into account the altered buying habits of consumers brought on by the pandemic and rising inflation.

goods for flexitarians, vegetarians, and vegans are still in high demand, as are organic goods. SPAR Austria made a nearly €3 million investment in infrastructure and own brand product development. Sales rose by 8.5% as the SPAR Veggie range was extended to over 100 items.

measures for sustainability
The SPAR, EUROSPAR, and INTERSPAR stores presently have about 160 photovoltaic systems installed on their roofs.

In the previous year, SPAR Austria collaborated with nine of the top domestic electricity providers to extend the e-charging network. The 120 e-charging stations currently found at SPAR, EUROSPAR, and INTERSPAR shops will increase to over 200 by 2025.

SPAR Austria is constantly developing cutting-edge strategies to lessen food wastage. With the aid of artificial intelligence in 2022, SPAR and its IT partners created a precise answer. For all stores, the solution allows more precise order recommendations and demand forecasts. As a result, there were 10% fewer leftover meals that year. Additionally, items that are about to expire are either given to one of more than 400 social groups or sold at a discount on a separate shelf or through the Too Good To Go app.

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Regarding SPAR Austria
The first SPAR stores opened in Austria in 1954, but the current SPAR AG was founded in 1970 when the founding families came together with other local wholesalers to establish SPAR Austria AG, a wholly owned Austrian corporation.

Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, and Northern Italy are among the countries where ASPIAG (Austria SPAR International AG) has expanded the name thanks to licences given by SPAR International. After dominating market growth for more than a decade, SPAR Austria became the market winner in the Austrian grocery trade in 2020 with sales of €8.3 billion and impressive growth of 16%. In 2021, it continued to hold this place of leadership.