Product withdrawal Arborio Verso Natura Conad BIO 500g Riso

April 13, 2023

Product withdrawal Arborio Verso Natura Conad BIO 500g Riso


The following items are included in the recall that CONAD has ordered: lot L. P22110433 A of


EAN 8003170060647 Organic Conad Arborio Rice Verso Natura 500 grammes
Produced for Conad by Curti srl with the batch code P22110433 A and an expiration date of November 8th, 2024.


The monitoring and analysis that was carried out by Conad made it possible to identify the presence of cadmium at a level that exceeded the permissible limit.


For this reason, any and all consumers who may be in possession of a package that was part of the aforementioned lot are urged to return it to any Conad point of sale, where they will either be offered a product that was manufactured in a different batch or given a full refund.

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Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.
The Conad Society and Coop.


Product withdrawal Arborio Verso Natura Conad BIO 500g Riso
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Natura Conad is an Italian line of products under the Conad brand, which is a cooperative of retailers and wholesalers in Italy.

Conad (Consorzio Nazionale Dettaglianti) was founded in 1962 and has since grown into a major player in the Italian retail market.

Natura Conad products focus on organic, eco-friendly, and high-quality food items, catering to the needs of customers who prioritize sustainability and health.

The range of products includes fresh produce, dairy, meat, packaged goods, and other items sourced from local producers and farmers, following strict organic and environmental standards.

Conad’s commitment to supporting local businesses and promoting sustainable practices has helped them establish a strong brand reputation in Italy.