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Nissan/NISMO announces 2023 racing initiatives.


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Nissan/NISMO announces 2023 racing initiatives


Nissan COO Ashwani Gupta remarked, “At Nissan, we challenge ourselves and dare to accomplish what others don’t. “We are proud of the results we achieved in the Super GT series last year on the track. Nissan will compete in Formula E this season with a freshly created Gen3 powertrain, which we are also providing to McLaren. Also, the newly created Z GT4 will compete in American and Japanese races. Our engineering and production prowess is advanced through testing in the world of motorsport. But it’s also our passion, and we want to spread this enthusiasm and passion to more people worldwide.


In addition to the Super GT GT500 class and the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, which are the two mainstays of Nissan’s motorsports endeavours, NMC’s NISMO Racing Division (NISMO) will begin its customer racing programmes for the Nissan Z GT4 and offer technical assistance. Moreover, NISMO will keep supporting teams who compete in motorsports with the Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 and other Nissan cars and engines.


programme works


Formula E World Championship, ABB
Nissan competes in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship to expose a wider audience to the thrill and fun of zero-emission electric vehicles. Nissan has already started its fifth season of racing in the Formula E, and the Formula E Season 9 (2022/2023) will be the first time Nissan will race as the Nissan Formula E Team.


With the highly anticipated Gen3 era of the sport starting this season, there are also significant changes to the Formula E vehicles. The distinctive arrow-shaped new regulations allow for greater power and faster speeds. The team used a striking livery with a cherry blossom motif to represent a fresh start. The team has chosen to mix experience and youth in its driver lineup for Season 9 by partnering 30-year-old Formula E race champion Norman Nato with 23-year-old Sacha Fenestraz, who finished second in Super Formula.


Class SUPER GT GT500

The Nissan Z GT500, which was created based on the Nissan Z, a vehicle that represents Nissan’s DNA to take on challenges, will continue to represent Nissan/NISMO in the Super GT GT500 class. The teams want to win this championship, which includes the fastest GT cars in the world, two years in a row while also thrilling fans with new innovations.


The Nissan GT500 teams will still have Motohiro Matsumura as their executive director.


Personalized Racing Plans

Programs for customer racing in GT3


Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 teams will continue to get support from Nismo as they compete.


– Super GT class GT300


The SUPER GT GT300 class will feature five Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 cars this year. As GT3 Official Partner Teams, two of GAINER and one of the reigning champion KONDO RACING will compete. The GT-R will also include competition from NILZZ Racing and RUNUP SPORTS.

The Super Taikyu Series


Together with the GT-R entered by GTNET MOTOR SPORTS, HELM MOTORSPORTS, which won the ST-X class championship last year, will participate once more with the Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3.

In the ST-3 class, two Fairlady Z NISMO RCs from OKABEJIDOSHA motorsport and one from TEAM ZEROONE are also expected to compete.



Nissan and the Nissan Automotive Technical College will carry on their human resources development initiative, the Nissan Mechanic Challenge, through racing events. Students from Nissan Automotive Technical College and technical employees from sales companies will compete in the Super GT GT300 class and Super Taikyu teams to hone their technical abilities and teamwork while working with experienced race technicians.


GT4 package for customer racing


The pilot customer teams competing with the Nissan Z GT4 (pending SRO homologation), designed based on the Nissan Z, will receive vehicles from NISMO as well as technical support.

– America’s Pirelli GT4 Championship
TechSport Racing will enter two Nissan Z GT4s in the Pirelli GT4 America Series.

The Super Taikyu Series
TEAM IMPUL and TEAM ZEROONE will compete in the ST-Z class with a single Nissan Z GT4 apiece.

Plans for Customer Racing’s Engine Supply


All teams taking part in LMP3 races across the world will continue to receive supplies and technical assistance for the VK56 engine from Nissan/NISMO. The engine will be used in series like the European Le Mans Series, the Michelin Le Mans Cup, the Ultimate Cup Series, the German Prototype Cup, and the Asian Le Mans Series in the United Arab Emirates, as well as the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship, which includes the Rolex 24 at Daytona and the IMSA VP Racing Sportscar Challenge in North America.

Other pursuits


– NISMO Driving Academy: The academy provides driving instruction for owners of the Skyline 400R, Nissan GT-R, Fairlady Z, and NISMO road vehicle. Direct instruction is given to participants by Michael Krumm, the school’s principal, and Nismo’s hired drivers. Courses range from those for beginners to learn the fundamentals of sport driving and feel their own cars’ utmost performance to practical training on short tracks. The NISMO website will make a later announcement regarding the schedule and locations.


– NISMO Festival: This year’s round of the fan gathering is planned, with more information to come.

2023 Team Information

Works Programs

● ABB FIA Formula E World Championship

No.TeamManaging DirectorDriver
17Nissan Formula ETommaso VolpeNorman Nato (FRA)
23Sacha Fenestraz (FRA)


● Super GT GT500 class

No.TeamTeam principalVehicle nameDriverTires
1TEAM IMPULKazuyoshi Hoshino (Director)
Kazuki Hoshino (Team Principal)
MARELLI IMPUL ZKazuki Hiramine (JPN)
Bertrand Baguette (BEL)
3NDDP RACINGJiro ShimadaNiterra MOTUL ZKatsumasa Chiyo (JPN)
Mitsunori Takaboshi (JPN)
23NISMOTakeshi NakajimaMOTUL AUTECH ZTsugio Matsuda (JPN)
Ronnie Quintarelli (ITA)
24KONDO RACINGMasahiko KondoRealize Corporation
Daiki Sasaki (JPN)
Kohei Hirate (JPN)


Customer Racing Programs

● GT3 Programs

- Super GT GT300 class class

No.TeamTeam principalVehicle nameDriverTires
10GAINER*Yorikatsu Tsujiko (Director)
Kazumi Fujii
(Team principal)
Hironobu Yasuda (JPN)
Riki Okusa (JPN)
11Kazumi FujiiGAINER TANAX
Ryuichiro Tomita (JPN)
Keishi Ishikawa (JPN)
Yusuke Shiotsu (JPN)
56KONDO RACING*Masahiko KondoRealize
Nissan Mechanic
Challenge GT-R
Joao Paulo de Oliveira (BRA)
Teppei Natori (JPN)
48NILZZ RacingJunichi IkuraSHOKUMOU Ks
Frontier GT-R
360RUNUP SPORTSMasaaki NishikawaRUNUP
Takayuki Aoki (JPN)
Atsushi Tanaka (JPN)

*Official Customer Teams


- Super Taikyu Series ST-X class

No.TeamTeam principalVehicle nameDriver
Yuya HirakiHELM
Yutaka Toriba (JPN)
Yuya Hiraki (JPN)
Reiji Hiraki (JPN)
Atsushi SakamotoTBNTBN


● GT4 Program

- Pirelli GT4 America Championship

No.TeamTeam principalDriver
22TechSport Racing**Kevin AndersonEric Powell (USA)
Colin Harrison (USA)
23Bryan Heitkotter (USA)
Grayson Farischon (USA)

**Pilot Customer Team


- Super Taikyu Series ST-Z class

No.TeamTeam principalVehicle nameDriver
20TEAM IMPUL**Kazuo KitanakaNaniwa Denso
Yuki Tanaka (JPN)
Kazuki Hiramine (JPN)
Kazuki Ooki (JPN)
Kazuki Hoshino (JPN)
26TEAM ZEROONE**Hatsuki Kohnoraffinée
Nissan Mechanic
Challenge Z GT4
Ryuichiro Ohtsuka (JPN)
Ryuichiro Tomita (JPN)
Teppei Natori (JPN)
Takuro Shinohara (JPN)

**Pilot Customer Teams


● Others

- Super Taikyu Series ST-3 class (Fairlady Z NISMO RC)

No.TeamTeam principalVehicle nameDriver
25TEAM ZEROONEHatsuki Kohnoraffinée
Nissan Mechanic
Challenge Z
Tsugio Matsuda (JPN)
Kimiya Sato (JPN)
Daiki Fujiwara (JPN)


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