Nestlé releases its Creating Shared Value and Sustainability Report as well as its 2022 Annual Report.

March 23, 2023

Nestlé releases its Creating Shared Value and Sustainability Report as well as its 2022 Annual Report.

Nestlé is releasing its Creating Shared Value and Sustainability (CSV) Report along with its 2022 Annual Report today. The publications note that despite facing numerous difficulties in a year, Nestlé’s performance held up well. Maintaining direction needed ongoing rebalancing between affordable investments, forward-looking investments, and keeping promises to shareholders and other stakeholders. The business kept up its rapid innovation pace, developed its digital capabilities, and kept a strict emphasis on strategic portfolio management.

For the first time, the reports provide an overview of the nutritional value of Nestlé’s worldwide portfolio. They also give an update on how the business is doing with its plan towards Net Zero.

As part of its emphasis on “Good for You,” Nestlé works to lead the industry by making wholesome, delicious meals accessible to everyone in the world. Nestlé is the first company to report on the nutritional value of its complete global portfolio, and as such, it is today establishing a new standard for corporate transparency. Nestlé has compared its products to the Access to Nutrition Index’s Health Star Rating (HSR) nutrient profiling method. In accordance with the findings, Nestlé products with a HSR ranking of 3.5 stars or higher, along with its specialised nutrition goods like infant or medical nutrition, account for nearly 60% of the company’s sales (excluding Nestlé’s pet care business). The business has committed to establishing a worldwide goal for the more advantageous portion of its portfolio. In order to help people appreciate all foods as part of a balanced diet, Nestlé will supplement this with stricter responsible marketing practises as well as nutrition education programmes and services.

Nestlé further reduced greenhouse gas emissions to below its 2018 baseline as part of its “Good for the Planet” effort. We have long passed the carbon zenith. The firm expanded significantly while still achieving this result. Nestlé is taking direct action to reduce emissions within its own processes. By way of illustration, it increased the amount of renewable electricity it used last year and is on pace to use only renewable electricity by 2025.

The business also published its second voluntary Climate Risk and Impact Report in accordance with the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures’ guidelines. Nestlé is dedicated to being transparent and taking action on climate-related risks and opportunities as a corporate leader. In order to comply with Swiss regulatory requirements, the business is releasing this report early.

Nestlé provides examples of how it consistently generates value throughout the reports. It emphasises development through ongoing innovation, operational effectiveness, and careful management of resources and capital. By carefully balancing these goals, the business is able to produce steady, long-term profits. Nestlé continued on its current path in 2022.

The complete Annual Report, which was released on February 16, 2023, includes Nestlé’s Financial Statements, Corporate Governance & Compensation Reports, and Annual Review.