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Maintaining Power.


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Maintaining Power

A reliable provider assists a client in supplying high-quality goods on schedule. But a good one aids in the expansion of their business! When Green Power first began, Rama Motori, the John Deere engine distributor for Italy and the Balkans, assisted the generator expert in developing competence in gen-sets for the agricultural industry. These two businesses continue to collaborate closely after more than 20 years to provide highly customizable generator sets for a range of industries across 150 nations.

Giovanni Massaro, director of worldwide sales for Green Power, explains more about this collaboration.

How did the partnership between Rama Motori and Green Power begin?

“When Green Power was established in 1999, the agricultural industry accounted for the majority of our first distributors. Because of their affinity for the company and their familiarity with John Deere, many of our generator models still use John Deere industrial engines.

Therefore, we got in touch with Rama Motori when we began designing our first generator sets. The trip has been extraordinary with them. At first, Rama engineers discussed their knowledge and perspectives on the specifications for generator sets used in agricultural uses. Since then, we have collaborated closely on sets that are both conventional and highly customized. We were able to introduce Stage V generator sets as one of the industry’s first companies thanks to our partnership with Rama, and this allowed us establish a strong international presence. In actuality, over the past ten years, we have grown by 8% annually.

Why do businesses select green power?

“In a single word: adaptability. But more precisely, we provide private labeling, on-time shipping, no minimum orders, customized power solutions, and excellent value for the money. We also keep a lot of engines, alternators, and control units in storage. Recently, this has shown to be a strong distinction for us. While many manufacturers are having trouble obtaining raw materials, we have nonetheless been able to supply finished goods on schedule.

A diesel generator, lighting mast, and self-priming pump are all features of the Alligator generator created by Green Power.
What features of your product line stand out?

In a broad range of markets, including residential, rental, data, telecom, industrial, hospital, pharma, hotels, and more, our generator range spans from 1 kVA to 3 MW for both permanent and emergency use. Our ultra-quiet 55/60 dBa engines are very well-liked. In 2021, the amount of that merchandise we sold doubled. And the Alligator, a brand-new product that we’re introducing in 2022, is thrilling. The emergency section is intended for this unusual trifecta of a diesel generator, lighting tower, and self-priming pump. It is an entire, adaptable device that is portable and prepared to extinguish any kind of fire.

What types of commercial motors do you employ in your generators?

“While we offer a variety of engine manufacturers, many of our dealers enjoy recommending John Deere engines to their clients. They have faith in the John Deere global network’s quality, performance, availability of after-sales support, and spare parts.

Our 2.9L, 4.5L, and 6.8L non-certified and Stage IIIA John Deere motors power our 30 to 200 kVA super-soundproof generator sets. Our soundproof generator sets range in size from 30 to 200 kVA and are driven by John Deere 2.9, 4.5, and 6.8L Stage V engines. A John Deere 6.8L engine is offered for the new Alligator.

How do you and Rama assist clients in getting the most out of their generator? A Green Power generator set powered by a John Deere 4.5L engine.

“We have a fast-response service department, and we build each product to work safely, dependably, and at maximum capacity. With so many digital communication tools available today, people anticipate assistance and responses right away. Our swift decision-making and solution-providing are made possible by our simple organizational structure.

“Rama is equally dedicated to keeping the machinery operational. Every motor, for instance, is delivered by Rama with a QR code. The user only needs to scan the code to register the engine online and get fast, reliable service.

“Rama helps with promotion and sales, and they collaborate with us on unique generator sets. Even for the most specialized client requests, they always provide the ideal solution—customized, ready-to-drop-in powerpacks. Since those early days, their expertise and understanding of how to maximize the performance of John Deere engines have been extremely valuable to us.

What goals does Green Power have for the future?

We already have more than 1,000 John Deere-powered generator sets out in the field, and we plan to significantly increase that number through an aggressive development strategy. Within the next five years, we want to reach a 100 million euro annual revenue. We expect to continue our fruitful and enjoyable partnership with John Deere and Rama because it will undoubtedly contribute to our success in achieving that success.

Giovanni Massaro’s likeness in front of a generator
We were able to introduce Stage V generator sets as one of the first on the market thanks to our partnership with Rama, which has contributed to the development of our strong worldwide presence.
Green Power Global’s Giovanni Massaro



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