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Celebrating Macchialina Vibe & Olivia’s Expertise!


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Nestled in the vibrant roots of Miami Beach, Florida, Macchialina stands as a beacon of excellence in Italian cooking. Since launching in 2012, this culinary gem has received rave reviews, from rave reviews in the Michelin Guide to a coveted James Beard reputation.

Celebrating Macchialina

But beyond the accolades and culinary prowess, what sets Macchialina apart is the palpable energy that permeates every corner of her restaurant Walk in on a busy Saturday night and you’ll find delicious activity —every occupied seat, cupboards overflowing with fine wine, infectious smiles on the faces of guests and staff alike.

At Toast, we are committed to empowering restaurants to thrive, and we see behind every successful establishment a team of dedicated individuals who reinforce exceptional hospitality every day. Our “Toast to…” series celebrates these unsung heroes, delves into their journey, and reveals the essence of what makes the restaurant industry so special.

In this installment, we raise a glass to Assistant General Manager Olivia Kiddon as she shares her insights into Macchialina’s successes, the road to success, and the quintessential atmosphere she looks for in a thriving restaurant.

Olivia’s journey in the kitchen dates back to the early days of 2012. Fresh out of college with a degree in fine art photography, she had a strong passion for creativity and was originally drawn to the profession as a means to earn a livelihood, and he immediately fell in love with the active world of hospitality. His first foray into the kitchen began as a waiter, stuck in the busy factory office, frantically sampling red sausages and other culinary delights brought in by the kitchen staff, which were watched and received by fellow cooks with infectious enthusiasm.

With its renowned food and impeccable service, Macchialina’s charm was irresistible to Olivia. In the wake of a global epidemic, he took the opportunity to join the esteemed team in this culinary industry.

From humble beginnings as a waitress, Olivia climbed the ranks to master the pub’s sophistication and take on the mantle of Assistant Manager In her current role, she serves as Macchia Lina’s vigilant pub operations assistant and closely collaborates with renowned wine expert Jackie Pirolo to create unforgettable dining experiences

What sets Macchialina apart as an establishment is not only its culinary passion but also its commitment to personal growth and unwavering growth. Rooted in a culture of excellence, this restaurant prioritizes learning and continuous improvement, creating an environment where each team member is empowered to reach their full potential.

From discernible nuances in the wine list to implementing impeccable service protocols, every aspect of Macchia Lina’s program is carefully prepared to perfection

Technological innovation in restaurant management plays an important role in increasing operational flexibility and productivity. At Macchialina, platforms like Toast are indispensable tools for tracking performance, analyzing sales, and facilitating seamless communication between team members Through detailed reporting and data analysis, Olivia et al.

provide valuable insights into customer preferences, personnel management and inventory management

Furthermore, Macchialina leverages cutting-edge communication platforms such as Slack to foster transparent and professional dialogue among its staff members. By prioritizing clear and simple communication channels, the restaurant develops a cohesive team dynamic, ensuring that each member is aligned with the overarching vision and goals.

Additionally, resources like Danny Meyer’s landmark project “Setting the Table” serve as a guiding light, offering timeless wisdom and best practices for developing a culture of hospitality excellence

For Olivia, the essence of a thriving restaurant goes beyond just efficiency—it encompasses energy and tangible friendliness. the electricity that fills the busy Sunday night bar and signifies success at Macchialina.

Whether it’s the ambient lighting, the musical set, or the infectious laughter that rings from nearby tables, everything fits together to create an immersive and unforgettable dining experience. It’s the invisible solidarity between guests and staff, the tangible energy that drives every interaction, that defines what’s important in a thriving restaurant.

Reflecting on her journey and Macchialina’s indelible imprint on her business strategies, Olivia reaffirms her unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation In a rapidly evolving industry environment, Macchialina stands as a beacon of stability and resilience In the words, “I think so,” If I worked in a thriving restaurant, I would say that.

“And of course, with passionate individuals like Olivia at the helm, the future looks brighter than ever for McClelina.

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